Photo by Andy Butler
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How to Take Great Portrait Photographs with your iPhone

Portrait photography is a popular subject area, after all we’re always taking photos of our nearest and dearest. However, there is a big difference between the common family snapshot or selfie and a carefully thought out […]

Photo by tayfun öztürk
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‘A Moment in Time’ Showcase – April: Edition 2

It has once again been an incredible week of submissions to the Mobiography Flickr Group. Photographs featured range from Tayfun öztürk striking image, Toy Gun, which features a child holding up a gun in the air […]

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Mobiography Magazine Out Now: The First Anniversary Issue

Today I’m thrilled to be publishing the first anniversary issue of the Mobiography magazine. The past year has been a fantastic ride. I have had the pleasure of speaking to and showcasing the work of so […]

Playing on the beach 2
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The iPhone Photographic Artistry of Davide Capponi

Davide Capponi is an amateur photographer from Italy. He has carved out a fantastic style which beautifully blends a variety of apps to create some wonderful pieces of artwork. Like many people today, Davide has a […]

Photo by Rob De Paolo
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‘A Moment in Time’ Showcase – March: Edition 5

This weeks selection of mobile photography from the Flickr Group includes another selection of mobile photography. Rob DePaolo kicks off this weeks selection with a beautiful black and white landscape photograph of a lone tree. Other […]