Magazine Technical Support: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing problems trying to view the magazine below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you need further assistance
If you need further assistance contact technical support with a detailed outline of the problems you are experiencing, the device you are using, your device token, the operating system and version number and the version number of the app you are using. To find your device token tap the settings icon in the bottom right of the screen. The device token is the long string of letters and numbers. It can be emailed to support by the link in the pop up window.
How much does Mobiography Magazine cost?
The Mobiography app is free to install. Once installed you get free access to one of our most popular issues. To access other issues you can either buy an individual issues for $4.99 or purchase a subscription plan. Bi-monthly subscriptions cost $3.99 (billed every two months). 1 Year subscription costs $21.99. When you subscribe you also get a free one month access. This will give you access to the latest issue as well as any subscriber only issues.
How do I sync purchases between devices?
To sync your subscription purchases between devices you need to open the app on your other device, then tap the Yellow subscribe button (top right), then tap Restore All Purchases. You then need to confirm your login with the same account details that you purchased the subscription with on your other device. This will then sync your purchases. Please note: It is not possible to sync purchases between iOS and Android as they are two separate operating systems with their own payment facilities.
Can I sync my purchases between my iOS device and my Android device?
It is not possible to sync purchases between iOS and Android as they are two separate operating systems with their own payment facilities.
Does the subscription give me access to back issues?
Subscriptions only give access to the current issue on sale when the subscription was taken out not previous back issues. These will need to be purchased individually. However, all future issues will be automatically downloaded and made available to you as they are released. This also include access to any special subscriber only issues that are released.
How do I cancel my auto renew subscription?
Apple handle the auto renewal subscriptions from within the settings of your iPad or iPhone. To cancel an auto renew subscription go to the settings of your device, then tap ‘iTunes & App Store’. Tap on ‘Apple ID: Your Email Address’ then tap view Apple ID and log into your Apple account. Finally, tap on ‘Manage Subscriptions’. You can cancel the auto renewal subscription from here. Doing so will cancel access to future magazine issues.
I have a promo code. How do I use it?
To use a promo code tap the yellow subscribe button in the top right corner. Next tap the ‘current subscriber’ option and enter the promo code.
The promo code does not work, why?
Firstly make sure you are entering the promo code exactly as it is displayed. They are case sensitive. Promo codes will only work once. If you have used one before it will not work again.
I am being asked to enter my account number. What is it?
If you are trying to use a promo code and you tap current subscriber you will be asked for your account number. You do not need to enter an account number. Simply enter the promo code.
I am getting an extraction error message. What do I do?
An extraction error message generally means the file has corrupted for some reason. To fix this problem delete the issue from your device. Next make sure you are connected to a good WiFi connection and not by cellular data and then download the issue again.