Tinatin Jabanashvili is a Georgian photographer who captures conceptual and documentary Style street photography using her smartphone. In the past, Tinatin has been a dancer and actress so the arts have always been a constant companion and influence in her life. Tinatin uses her iPhone to capture people in their day to day surrounding in muted, analogue tones.

I caught up with Tinatin to find out more about her approach to the photos she takes with her smartphone.

What is it about smartphone photography that you love?

I have been a photographer now for three years. I love how mobile photography allows me to be unnoticed and spontaneous. It’s completely built on the suddenness of the moment. A scene can present itself to you so quickly that you do not have long to prepare for it. If you were to take to long to prepare then you may lose your shot.

Tell us about your style and approach to the photos you take and what inspires you?

My work follows a conceptual and documentary theme. I’m totally in love with street photography. I’m currently working on a new conceptual topic called “autoportrait”. I get inspiration from everything: books, pictures, movies, environment.

What is your approach to composition in your photos?

The most important thing in photography is the analogies, making a small sketch with the photos, capturing little stories. I would advise everyone to read a lot, get acquainted with the work of others and take a lot of photos.

How important is light to you and what do you think people should look for to capture good light?

Light is key in photography. It can change many things about a composition. Using natural light adds a wonderful quality to a photo. I love capturing the warmth of sun in my images.

What apps do you use to shoot and edit your photos? Is there a process or methodology that you apply to your post production editing?

Most often I use the VSCO app. I try to use one filter when editing a photo. It helps to preserve my works integrity and convey a unity in my work. I love pastel colors and retro styles. I don’t like taking out unnecessary colors and outlining the contours. The photo itself gives me the opportunity to be an artist and create something that will endure time. Besides VSCO I sometimes use Snapseed.

What would be your top tips or words of wisdom for aspiring mobile photographers or artists?

It does not matter what you use for shooting, the main thing is to express what you feel and what you see. The camera is not a living organism. Writers, write. Artists, draw and photographers use their cameras to express themselves through the photographs they take. We should not be superficial. We should work more with ourselves. We should develop our vision. We should not follow the standards. Our perception is individual as well as our thoughts and feelings. This distinguishes our work from each others.

Do you have any incredible encounters or a story that really is part of your photographic journey that you would like to tell us?

My country is incredible, from just one place you can see very interesting people, beautiful nature, and different types of weather. When you are a photographer, you can talk to people and make a connection with them. It gives you the opportunity to be bold. Many interesting things are happening in my country, so everything gives you a little story to tell.

Are there any photographers that have been a big influence or inspiration to you?

Diana Arbus gives me the greatest inspiration in photography. Her creativity is distinguished by extraordinary, extravagant, and fluid. She did not follow the flow and that’s why she still is in history.

Could you choose a three of your favourite photos and tell us the story behind them?

This first one reminds me of my first personal exhibition, which was presented on the conceptual – experimental theme – washing.

The second photo was my first photography contest, where I took second place. It was my first win in a photography competition.

My third photo is from my new series named “autoportrait” and this photo is also on vogues Italy page.

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