The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple Newsstand and Google Play. You will find this latest release packed full of the usual interviews, top tips, tutorials, features and showcases of the very best mobile photography.

What’s inside issue 20?

Mobiography Magazine CoverThere are two big pieces of news in the mobile photography world at the moment. The first being the launch of the new iPhone 6S. The release of a new iPhone always attracts a lot of attention and this model is no exception. We take a look at the camera capabilities of this new addition to the iPhone family and find out what’s new about it.

The second being the annual Mobile Photography Awards which is about to open for its 5th year. As submissions open on 5th October we speak to founder, Dan Berman about the awards and a big announcement he has to make.

We also talk to Wes Quarles of Tiny Collective about his gritty style of street photography as well as Jeff Kelley aka Postaljeff of the Grryo Collective. Find out about his work and approach to mobile photography.

Meanwhile in our beginners guide section, Paul Moore looks at editing apps for killer landscape photography, Kate Hailey compares two leading iPhone lenses, the Olloclip and the iPro lens system. Find out how the two stack up against each other. We also review the app Printastic a fantastic new service that allows you to create your own stunning photobooks using your photos. Renowned street photographer Eric Kim offers his views on the benfits of shooting street photography with a smartphone.

As usual there is the Mobiography showcase and Nicki Fitz-Gerald’s app masterclass tutorial guide which takes us step by step through the process of creating a beautiful piece of artwork on the iPhone/iPad.

Grab your copy now

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