Out Now: Mobiography Magazine With Jane Schultz & Clifford Pickett

Welcome to another edition of Mobiography Magazine, the leading digital magazine for smartphone photographers and your essential guide to the best tips, insights and sources of inspiration from the mobile photography world.

Inside, we talk to two talented photographers, mobile artist Jane Schultz and travel and landscape photographer Clifford Pickett. Jane is a completely self-taught, award-winning artist who talks to us about her approach to her unique style of abstract mobile art. Clifford is a professional photographer who has embraced his iPhone and now uses it to capture some truly stunning travel and landscape photographs. He also teaches others how to make the most of the camera in their pocket through his workshops.

Remaining on the subject of travel, award-winning photographer Brendan O Se takes a street photographer’s look at Tokyo based on his many trips to this vibrant city. In our beginner’s guide section, Rob Dunsford takes a closer look at the subject of focus and offers some simple ways that you can consistently achieve sharply focused images.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald presents another step-by-step tutorial in which she uses apps like iColorama, Procreate and TouchRetouch to create a summer-inspired work of art. We also look at the new buzzword “computational photography” and ask what it is and where it’s taking smartphone photography.

Don’t forget to share your photos with Mobiography via our Flickr group or on Instagram by using the hashtag #mobiography. From there, we’ll be featuring the best photos on our weekly website showcase and daily on Instagram.