This week’s showcase of mobile photography features a selection of photographs from the Mobiography hashtag of some wonderful winter scenes that have all been taken with a smartphone.

From Andrew B White’s beautifully white, snowy landscape shot to Vovkkh’s fantastic street portrait of an elderly lady sheltering from the cold. All photos in this week’s series illustrate how different photographers have approached wintery weather to create some stunning examples of mobile photography.

Featured photographers this week include; Andrew B White, Jill Lian, Justin Daniel Nungesser, Lydia Cassatt, Onphotooff, Rickyworld, Marta Spencer, Vovkkh, Fotopawelolsztyn, and karstenschoenberg.

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Coney Island

Coney Island‘ by Andrew B White – “If there is a heavy snowstorm or interesting weather I try to get out and photograph it. In this case, I went to Coney Island in Brooklyn which is a great place to photograph in the snow. The amusement park, beach, and boardwalk are all transformed when it snows and the lack of people gives things a surreal atmosphere. The trains were still running so I was able to get there easily and I have some great all-weather clothing that keeps me warm in the cold. I use gloves with fingertips that work with smartphones and disposable hand warmers to keep my hands from freezing off! The temperature on this day was 23F/-6C so it was pretty cold. In the past, I’ve had my phone shut down with extreme cold but had no such problems with my iPhone 7 Plus. It seems to have no issue with the cold and its waterproofing means there are no worries with it getting wet from the snow.

Generally my photos are taken with the standard Apple camera app in HDR mode and are lightly processed using Snapseed – mainly for routine things like shadows, highlights and rotating or cropping – I try to keep things as natural as possible. For a little bit of extra atmosphere on this shot, I added a mild vignette. Some of my most interesting photos have been taken in extreme weather so don’t be afraid to get out there and shoot in it – you’ll be rewarded with some great results!”

Pretty on pink

Pretty on pink‘ by Jill Lian – “This photo was taken at my home, in snowy Upstate NY. I am drawn to the intricacies in tiny snowflakes. I consider it a challenge to capture them before they melt while grabbing the best light for the background.

Using my iPhone with an Olloclip macro attachment has become my tool of choice, for capturing these delicate crystals. I used Snapseed to crop, rotate, add contrast and ambiance to the photo. “

Mantoloking, New Jersey

Mantoloking, New Jersey‘ by Justin Daniel Nungesser – “This picture was taken on my iPhone after a deep freeze in NJ last week, a nasty snowstorm was on its way in… (today it’s in the 60’s  I just had lunch on the beach, barefoot, wearing shorts and t-shirt hahaa ) I edited using the Lightroom free app then through Instagram for some final touches.”

‘Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home’

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home‘ by Lydia Cassatt – “This photo was taken on a walk after a snowstorm here in Maine. I always photograph with Hipstamatic and I was experimenting with a combo that I haven’t used before. The sun was rising through the sea smoke (a condition that happens when the ocean is warmer than the air) and everything was covered with a fine dusting of ice. Everything glowed.

The combo is the Stavros lens, Cheshire film and the Standard flash. The quote is from the 17th century, haiku master, Matsuo Basho. I have been posting quotes with my photos as a way of quieting my mind and offering inspiration, beauty and solace as a way to cope with the political situation in our country. ”


Untitled‘ by Onphotooff – “The photo was taken by the Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn during my afternoon walk. It was very cold (-10C) and left boats on the shore reminded me about summer. I just increased the contrast and bright…the rest did winter. “

The endless bridge

The endless bridge‘ by Rickyworld

No matter how thick the ice is, it still makes me nervous to walk on a frozen lake

No matter how thick the ice is, it still makes me nervous to walk on a frozen lake‘ by Marta Spencer


Untitled‘ by Vovkkh


Untitled‘ by Fotopawelolsztyn


Untitled‘ by karstenschoenberg

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