The theme of this weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcase is simple and interesting compositions. Often by going minimal and keeping things simple you can just as easily create powerful and breathtaking photograph. From Drzzz1977’s amazing black and white photo called ‘anything is possible’ to Jim Perdue’s simple shots of a bird flying on a misty day all photo featured this week perfectly illustrate how keeping things simple can be effective.

Featured photographers include Drzzz1977, Mandolina Moon, Roy Savoy, Jim Perdue, Steve Vu, Nicolas Decoopman, Paul Yan and Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak.

Anything is possible

Photo by Drzzz1977

Anything is possible‘ by drzzz1977 – “‘Anything is possible’ was taken in Yokohama, Japan. I took a few shots there but wasn’t that satisfied.. It wasn’t until I started to tune the image later in snapseed that it started to take on a whole life of its own. ”


Photo by Drzzz1977

Untitled‘ by Drzzz1977 – “This shot was taken at the Yoyogi gymnasium in Shibuya. It was a clear, sunny day and I saw this mother & son playing ball together outside the front against the crazy architecture. What was kind of cool was the mother was wearing high heels but seemed more than happy to run around in them to please her son.. Then it was just a bit of waiting for the right moment and, like the other image, a lot of tuning the image in snapseed.”

Intersecting Lines

Mandolina Moon

Intersecting Lines‘ by Mandolina Moon – “”Intersecting Lines” was shot on a sizzling September morning in Sunny Southern California. I was struck by the stark shadow of a wire planter projecting onto my concrete patio and grabbed the iPhone to capture the moment. I only did a little clean up of the image with TouchRetouch.”

Pier 15 NYC

Roy Savoy

Pier 15 NYC‘ by Roy Savoy – “It was a gorgeous summer day in NYC, I was about to attend an Instameet and spotted a mother with her son enjoying the day. She was reading her kindle and he was having fun running back and forth and jumping from pillar to pillar, as I was walking away to meet up with friends I noticed the silhouette, and how beautiful a capture of this would look, so I waited for the right moment and snapped this photo. Shot on IPhone 5 and edited with Oggl Jane + Blackkeys supergrain ”


Jim Perdue 2

Untitled‘ by Jim Perdue – “examples of my experimentation with minimalism and negative space. Both images were shot on my iPhone 6. I used SnapSeed for the basic edit then, I applied a custom “fog” formula in Stackables app.”


Photo by Jim Perdue

Untitled‘ By Jim Perdue – “I started in SnapSeed but added the reflection using Reflect app by BrainFeverMedia”


Photo by Steve Vu

Prop‘ by Steve Vu – “The photo came about as a result of an impromptu photo shoot. The main objective was to attempt to photograph a portrait shot, but have it look interesting. The deliberate choice to incorporate the leaf to the photo in addition to all of the other accessories like the glasses, clutch wallet, and choker emphasized on the idea of having a prop in a photo. The photo was processed on VSOCAM by adding the C1 filter and playing with the brightness.”

Dunkerque 2015

Photo by Nicolas Decoopman

Dunkerque 2015‘ by Nicolas Decoopman – “This photo was taken on the beach of the city of Dunkerque during a cigarette break on a bench with the 645 pro application and treatment via lightroom.”

Ascent to Luminescence

Photo by Paul Yan

Ascent to Luminescence‘ by Paul Yan – “Me and my wife were visiting a friend who was a professor at a medical school. This stairwell was just outside his office. I thought the profile of the stairwell wall, when looked down from the upper level, was geometrically interesting for a photograph… but not that interesting without a person in the frame. So I had my wife go down to the story below and told her to go up with her hand on the rail. I took the photograph while she reached the spot that I’d pre-visualized proper for the composition. Thanks to my lovely wife for her co-operation!

The photo was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus’ native camera in “Noir” mode. I took care to position the V’s tip right at the bottom edge of the frame in order to form two individual triangles touching each other. The Snapseed app was then used to edit the photo: I used the Brush tool to slightly re-enforce the light falling on her face; and the Healing tool to remove a tiny dirty spot on the upper-left wall.”

The Abyss

Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak

The Abyss‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak

Which was your favourite?

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