This week’s mobile photography showcase looks at 12 Instagram photos that use reflections as part of their compositions. From Aries Lukman’s simply composed beach scene which utilises a low point of view angle just above the water level to create a striking reflection of his wife to Harry Bosch’s alternate reality image taken by using a puddle as the frame for a passing figure in the street and then inverting the image. All photos in this weeks showcase illustrate how you can create some interesting photographs by incorporating reflections in the images you take.

Featured photographers this week include; Aries Lukman, eyephonephotographer, Frédéric Deschênes, geek1956, Harry Bosch, iwasoutwalking, Matteo Rastelli, Seb Gordon, amaldev_, lai_duc_hiep, ElaineofYork and mattego.

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When you see your love one, what do you see?


When you see your love one, what do you see?‘ by Aries Lukman – “This photo was taken in Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok – Indonesia during my holiday with family. A beautiful island that only allowed bicycle and horse carriage as their main mode of transportation. Thus it allows us to explore the beaches surrounding the island. This shot was took in the afternoon when water was very low and you can walk to the middle. The combination of clear water and perfect lighting and my wife that happens to wore a red dress, inspired me to take this shot.

I use iPhone 5s to took this shot and I processed it using:
1. Filterstorm classic app to enhance the reflection through adjusting the curve and masking it to the reflection.
2. VSCO to add some filter to it. I used A5 filter.
3. Final touch, I used Snapseed for the selective adjust features to increase the saturation on the red dress.”



Untitled‘ by eyephonephotographer – “Recently, I was approached by a client to create a photo exhibit for their studio in SoHo, NYC. Most of my work is travel related but for this exhibit, again, wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone, I pitched them on creating original work in their backyard, photographing the streets of SoHo and showcasing the unique character of the area, a high fashion, art-centric location with historic architecture as a backdrop. This is my take on street photography. I brought my Sony A7RII out along with my iPhone 6S plus and shot with them both.

The iPhone is unique suited to street photography, perhaps more than any other genre. It’s discreet nature, silent shutter, fast frame rate and deep depth of field help to create the perfect camera to shoot street.

For this image and other reflections photos I took in the area, I used my iPhone to take advantage of the large depth of field. Shooting reflections is about layering content in a composition, it’s important to have all the layers in focus, from foreground to background. The iPhone’s small sensor allows me to do that. It also allows me to compose at arms length using the large screen to avoid my body and head being in the shot. I photographed most of the reflections in late afternoon with indirect sunlight allowing for a more compressed dynamic range. This makes it easier to capture the entire tonal range as the iPhone doesn’t allow for RAW capture just yet. It’s coming soon though!”

Dreaming Car


Dreaming Car‘ by Fre?de?ric Desche?nes – “I took this photography with my iPhone on The Plateau Mont-Royal, in Montréal, Canada while I walked my dog! The opposition with the cold and the warm colors called my eyes. The originality of the abstraction and composition made me stop to capture this moment. It’s a single shot and I used Snapseed only for minimal adjustment of the contrast, the brightness and the colors.”



Waiting‘ by geek1956 – “This photo was taken at the heart of Sydney in Parramatta. Whenever I’m walking I’m always on the lookout for shadows, shapes, patterns or in this case reflections. I walked past this guy and I looked back and thought this would make a good shot. I shot it using the app I use 95% of the time Hipstamatic. I used the Jamaican combo which gives a saturated colour. ”

Twilight Reflect…


Twilight Reflect…‘ by Harry Bosch – “I love poetry of the streets and the many forms it can take to constantly charm and surprise us. The reflections are in one of its most delicate events. They appear and disappear abruptly, as they are dependent on random consequences or specific angles. The track often requires luck and patience, but the result is always surprising. They are the most poetic expression of a reality that often we no longer see.
With them the real becomes fantastic as the pictures they refer us seem to come from a parallel world to ours and it is this paradox that I like to photograph. That was a few days ago at dusk, a beautiful summer light had replaced the rain and the lights began to light up the windows. It remained slightly scratched puddle by the wind. The street was silent and this gentleman came right to me. One take … Luck. An image taken with Hipstamatic and flash, like all my images and slightly contrasts and framed with Snapseed.
I only use these two applications. Here are the Hipstamatic features:
Lens: JohnS – Film: BlacKeys supergrain – Flash: Triple Crown.”



Sunday‘ by iwasoutwalking – “I was having lunch with some favourite friends one Sunday afternoon. We were in this gorgeous glass box overlooking Millers Point sitting in the corner of the room and the light was flooding in from every direction. Sydney winter sun over the harbour is incredibly photogenic with the blue sky and low clouds, this combined with the reflections from the glass the photo perfectly captured the warmth of the afternoon. Shot on iPhone and processed in Lightroom for mobile. I love to use dynamic filters.”

The earth laughs in flowers


The earth laughs in flowers‘ by Matteo Rastelli – “The photo was taken in a truly magical place, called Tomba Brion, in Italy, which is a monumental funeral complex built by the architect Carlo Scarpa. I was inspired by the beautiful flower reflected in the water and from the idea to reach it with the shadow of my hand.

The picture was taken with iPhone 5s, native camera, and edited with “Mextures” to highlight the pale reflection of the sun, and then with “Enlight” app to increase the sharpness and contrast.”

Reflecting Paris


Reflecting Paris‘ by Seb Gordon – “This photo was taken in the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris. Since the last floods this place is still full of water and water = reflection shot for me! I used my iphone6 with VSCO cam. Then I edit it in Snapseed, VSCO and Filterstorm as always”



Refleted‘ by amaldev_



Rain‘ by lai_duc_hiep



Untitled‘ by mattego

In the garden at Museum of Modern Art


In the garden at Museum of Modern Art‘ by ElaineofYork

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