The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography is nature. Nature photography can take on many forms and is a perfect way to get out and appreciate the beauty of the world that surrounds us. From delicate flowers such as photographed by gregory_opena, Meri Walker and Peter Gonera to images of fast flowing rivers such as Christian Feichtner and Karstenschoenberg’s images. All images this week illustrate the different ways photographers have approached the subject of nature in their work.

Featured photographers this week include: gregory_opena, Meri Walker, jwattsphoto, karstenschoenberg, Peter Gonera, Christian Feichtner, squids_eye, ciprianogiuliani_art and Galerie_ef.

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Making his own way in life

Making his own way in life‘ by Andy Butler – “This was a shot that I took a few years ago but for some reason it passed me by and ended up archived off on a hard drive. I only came across it by accident the other day, whilst looking for another photo and thought it was worth reviewing the image. I edited the photo using Snapseed by adding some colour adjustments, tonal contrast and the vintage filter. I love the openness, the heather in the foreground, the blue sky in the background and the sense of isolation in the photo, along with the fact that my son is marching into the distance wearing a small backpack.”


G R O U N D O R C H I D‘ by gregory_opena – “I was looking for another flower as a subject when I saw a ground orchid from across the street. I had never noticed that orchid before until this morning when there were several lavender colored flowers.  I took a shot and I was mesmerized by it, so I decided to edit it in black and white to bring out some of the texture and accentuate the delicacy of the flower.

I used the default editor of the iPhone and made some few more adjustment in temperature, highlights and shadows in Instagram.”

Right Out In Public

Right Out In Public‘ by Meri Walker – “I shoot almost exclusively with natural light and in real-life situations using my iPhone 7. The tulips in this shot are in my neighbor’s yard and I watch them prepare to bloom every year! In fact, a large print of a shot I made of them last year has just been added to the permanent collection at the Harvard Medical School in their new Transformational Medicine Building. This year, the plants are behaving differently. Blooming sooner, with smaller blossoms and more of them. Nonetheless, they lift my spirits after the dark, grey winter we had in southern Oregon.

This image was captured with Blackie. (Yes, Blackie makes both color and b&w captures!) I edited it slightly and cropped using iColoramaS, right in my iPhone. Then I used a new app that’s become one of my all-time faves, LightBrush, to clarify the highlights and shadows. “

Swans are highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to them, or not.

Swans are highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to them, or not.‘ by jwattsphoto – “This photo was taken at a lake near to where I work. I often walk around this lake during my lunch break on the lookout for possible photo opportunities. This swan came quite close to the edge of the lake so I had to get a shot. I took the shot as low to the water as I could so I could be on the same level as the swan, and show more of the background.

The photo was taken with the iPhone 6s using the native Camera app, then edited in Snapseed.”


Untitled‘ by karstenschoenberg – “I wanted to take a couple of slow shutter pictures at a little creek but there wasn’t enough water in the creek to take a good picture. After heavy rain the previous night, the conditions were perfect. I used the slow shutter app, to take the picture and did some minor edits in Snapseed.”


Spring‘ by Peter Gonera – “This photograph was taken with a iPhone 7 plus with the app Argentum and the processing in my go to app Snapseed.

The photograph of this spring blossom was taken in my back garden, and the amazing thing is this tree changes every season. And this spring is the most amazing for me, as it provides the most amazing blossom and some great inspiration to explore nature. “


Untitled‘ by Christian Feichtner – “Myra Falls is one of the narrow canyons that we have here near Vienna. The river comes down from a small reservoir and runs over dozens of cascades. Hikers can hike along the river and up the cascades using almost two dozens of wooden bridges and stairs. I stopped at the small bridge for a few minutes with my tripod which I used to take a sharp image using Slow Shutter Cam App and other visitors started to get uneasy because I had blocked the bridge. So I only got this one shot that I edited using Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I had set Slow Shutter Cam App to an exposure time of 1s and manually set ISO to 20 to keep the noise low in the shady Forrest.”


Sway‘ by squids_eye – “This image was taken at Whistling Sands beach on the Llyn peninsula in Wales. The grasses were growing high on the cliff and I loved the contrast of the yellow against the blue sky. I shot with iPhone SE and then edited in Mextures with the intention to highlight the blue and yellow. However, when I applied one of my own formulas I changed the colour and decided to stay with this edit”


Poly‘ by ciprianogiuliani_art – “I was paying a fine and the owner of the store had this parrot in a cage.
I was fascinated by his wings, they seemed like a fractal, I could lose myself in them. So I took some pictures, not many, because the photo was ready without thinking about it so much. I just respected the rule of thirds putting the birds eye in one of the cross, then I just had some fun with a black and white contrast filter but masking the eye. I added a black frame, the waternark and the photo was done.”


Butterfly‘ by Galerie_ef

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