This weeks showcase features another selection of photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group. Our talented photographers for this week include Sarah Jarrett, Meri Walker, Anthony Foster, Tracey N, Lee Thatcher, Paolo Berni and Alan Julliard.

It was another tough challenge to narrow down this selection so a big thank you to all the group members who contributed this week.


Untitled by Lee Thatcher

Untitled‘ by Lee Thatcher – “I shot this last year shortly after leaving the exhibition that the Instachimps put on in Lincoln. I saw the mannequin in the window of an Anne Summers shop and just wondered if any passers by would notice it too. I shot this with an iPhone4 with Hipstamatic using the John S and BlackKeys combo.”

Far Away Eyes

Untitled' by Paolo Berni

Far Away Eyes‘ by Paolo Berni – “I am nearly always taking photographs of people on trains on my journey to and from work and the shots I’m happy with end up on Flickr, EyeEm and Instagram. I select black and white or colour depending on the look, the light and feel of the shot.

In the case of ‘Far Away Eyes’ the lady reminded of Lauren Bacall, she had amazing bone structure and must have been very beautiful in her youth but what struck me the most was the far away look in her eyes, it was like she was somewhere else, reminiscing about a moment in the distant past, a fond memory of love. I was almost going to stop taking her picture because she made me feel sad but I pressed on.

Most commonly I use the ProCamera app because one can set the format, exposure and focus but also use the whole screen as a shutter which is great for this type of candid photography. To edit the photograph, like a great many mobile photographers I went straight to Snapseed, tweaked it in ‘tune image’ then fixed the centre focus, taking the blur down to zero on Portrait 1 and then adjusting the outer and inner brightness until I was happy. I experimented with a slightly more close up cropped version but in the end opted for the original.”


Untitled by Alan Julliard

Untitled‘ by Alan Julliard – “I spent a lot of time hiking and climbing in Yosemite in the distant past but hadn’t been back since our son was born almost 30 years ago. I jumped at the chance to return with my son and friends. In the past, I was strongly influenced by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston so I was looking forward to seeing what I could do with an iPhone and Hipstamatic. This image just begged to be shot when I was exploring in camp one evening. The bleached log was half-submerged in a lake and the contrast of the wood and water was extreme. I shot dozens of photos but this is the one that rang true. I tweaked it slightly in Filterstorm, that is all. Ironically, we were in Yosemite when the Rim Fire broke out and some of the photos I took earlier in the trip are along trails that have since been closed due to the fire.”

La vie en rouge

La vie en rouge by Sarah Jarrett

La vie en rouge‘ by Sarah Jarrett – “As an image maker primarily interested in image manipulation this is an almost straight image for me. The underlying image is a portrait of my daughter. I used Procreate to completely alter and repaint her hair. I wanted the red theme to run throughout the picture. I used Superimpose to add small details and Repix to add a hatching texture to the necklace. Faces are always engaging and I loved her open expression. Sometimes I alter and rebuild faces completely but at other times I want to keep things as they are.”

Incandescent Genius

Incandescent Genius by Meri Walker

Incandescent Genius‘ by Meri Walker

A Shortcut Through Spacetime

A Shortcut Through Spacetime by Anthony Foster

A Shortcut Through Spacetime‘ by Anthony Foster


Reflections by Tracey N

Reflections‘ by Tracey N – “The image was captured while spending a rainy morning at the Saint Louis Art Museum which has the wonderful modern piece in the picture. It consists of several mirrored boxes aligned and spaced across the middle of the gallery. As visitors walked by they would cast quick sideways glances into the boxes. I was enjoying watching the different reactions to the piece from the other side (iPhone in hand of course) when the girls pictured came into view. I love how uninhibited children are! For me the image is playful and fun and represents the alchemy of interaction between art and viewer to create something more. The image was captured using ProCamera and I tuned it a bit and added a simple vignette to create more focus on the center.”

Do you have a favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks selection? Let us know your thoughts on this weeks featured photos in the comments below. If you haven’t already joined the Mobiography Flickr Group then head on over and join in the fun.