The past 12 months have been a fantastic journey. Along the way I have had the privilege of meeting many talented mobile photographers and have been inspired by so many more.

As we approach the festive season I thought it would be interesting to invite 24 mobile photographers who have inspired and supported me in one way or another and ask them to offer an insight into their photography, to reflect on their year gone by or plans for the coming year ahead.

Each day until Christmas Eve we will be featuring one photographer in a sort of online advent calendar so to speak.

Today’s featured photographer is Atle Rønningen.

Atle Rønningen is an amateur landscape photographer based in Oslo. He considers himself being a nature lover and often highlighting the isolated beauty of the Norwegian wilderness. Earlier this year he contributed to the article “Top Mobile Landscape Photography Tips” here on Atle’s Instagram work is mobile only and he uses Android based devices accompanied by the apps Snapseed and VSCO Cam.

The Photo I am Most Proud of is…

Being in nature is something that has kept me busy in my spare time the last few years. I would say the interest in exploring Norway has increased rapidly with my photography. My main goal with either a hike, cross-country skiing or snowboarding, is to achieve something. The achievement for me can be either social (ie. being with family and friends), reach a mountaintop, looking down from an edge, or cross a wobbling bridge.


Feel the Nature

This bridge is located in Utladalen, Norway’s deepest valley. Multiple mountain peaks that are more than 2000 metres in height surrounds this valley. To be honest the bridge was not on the path to my destination but I just had to try walking on it. When I now look at the picture, I notice how beautifully the photo reflects this amazing area. The autumn colors, blue water and the rusty textures on the bridge. When I close my eyes, I also remember all the sounds and the fresh smell of mountain air. I remember I felt the nature!

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