This weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcases a selection of iPhone photos that feature autumnal scenes. I feel this topic to appropriate as the autumn season draws in as it brings with it a change in colours, stark shapes in trees, the leaves and misty mornings. It is refreshing to see how these sort of scenes from an autumnal day have been turned into some this beautiful.

Featured photographers include Jim Perdue, Dmitriy Lyamkin, Dani Salvadori, Bartez83, Vanessa Vox, Brandon Kidwell, Tania Konnerth, Magikphil Mobile and Richard Smith.

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Photo by Dmitriy Lyamkin

Untitled‘ by Dmitriy Lyamkin – “I took this picture foggy morning when walking along a street in my hometown Saransk (Russia). This was taken with iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic’s Akira Lens and Pistil film. Some edits were made using Snapseed.”

Gathering Conkers in the Augarten, Vienna

Phot by  Dani Salvadori

Gathering Conkers in the Augarten, Vienna‘ by Dani Salvadori – “On a recent three city trip in Europe I decided to select a different Hipstamatic combination for each place based on what would work with the light and mood of that city. Vienna is a rather muted and the light was quite grey and this combination of Lincoln and Bkanko C16 seemed to be just right. We went to the Augarten to see a Carsten Holler exhibition and my husband got rather carried away by the vast numbers of conkers (horse chestnuts) lying around and started to make an installation with them. Here he is carrying handfuls of them across the avenue to his site. It’s an affectionate portrait of a man of enthusiasms.”

Music is silence II (Vice versa)

Photo by Bartez83

Music is silence II (Vice versa)‘ by Bartez83 – “Music is silence II (Vice versa) is the second part of “music is silence” trilogy. It was very foggy morning about 7am I was on the way driving to work when decided to stop in by the park, have a walk and take few shots. When got in the park I was hit by the absolute silence which was a bit terrifying but then realize that this silence its actually music to my ears and have calming effect on me. I took a shot of tree in the fog and when I going back to the car I spotted the sleepy birds on the wire which looks like tunes so I thought this is it, then in my mind I have already put images of tree and birds on wire together. This is how I got inspired and how the trilogy started. The part two is clearly my imagination, continuation of how I see(imagine) the “Music is the silence” and (vice versa) because silence is the music to my ears. I have used Picsart (Android) to put images together and Snapeed, Vsco and Photolab Retro for the rest of editing. I encourage everyone to see part III as well which differs from first two parts.”

Oak leaf boat

Photo by  Vanessa Vox

Oak leaf boat‘ by Vanessa Vox – “The oak tree stands for stability and strength. But what about a lost lonely oak leaf which drives in a puddle? It’s like a boat on a lake or maybe a boat in the sky… because it is surrounded by reflections of far clouds. In my fantasy I saw an abandoned arch. The passengers are gone. And maybe the boat will soon sink. A poetic moment in a puddle.

I only used PhotoToaster for editing. It gave me the black and white version and the vignette which makes the picture look like the last image of a silent movie. The abandoned boat is driving in an unknown future.”

Lost Days

Photo by Brandon Kidwell

Lost Days‘ by Brandon Kidwell – “This photo was taken at a lake at a retired military base that has been out of operation for many years. The lake is beyond neglect and I found it one rare foggy morning and explored around. The lake, once a swimming hole for military families is now so overgrown one can hardly imagine taking a dip. The fog added to this mood and gave it a melancholy almost spooky feel.

This image was shot with an iPhone5 using Cortex Cam and edited in VSCO. ”


Photo by  tania_konnerth

Filigree‘ by tania_konnerth – “This photo was taken on Curaçao, a tiny Caribbean island. Fallen leaves there look quite a bit different from the ones I know, so I was playing around with a pile of leaves, trying to capture the delicacy and filigree. I used Hipstamatic with my favored combo sergio + blanko 1 and the olloclip-lens for getting real close. No additional editing.”

Summer’s Requiem

Photo by  Richard Smith

Summer’s Requiem‘ by Richard Smith – “On the first day of fall, I was headed into a building for an early morning appointment. I looked down and noticed this leaf with the morning dew when walking in, but did not get a shot. After the appointment, it was still there with the glistening morning dew, and I stopped in my tracks so as not to miss it. The heart-shaped leaf and tear-like droplets framed by the concrete sidewalk all made the perfect metaphor at the changing of the seasons: happy reflections on the season past… maybe even sadness at its passing. But behind that: lovely things to come. To me, the best compositions are musical; you can almost hear them hum when you study them. So naturally, this would be a requiem. I converted to grayscale, added a slight vignette at the top and sharpened just a bit to highlight the macro-vision detail of the leaf’s veins, amplified by the water. ”


Untitled by  Jim Perdue

Untitled‘ by Jim Perdue


Photo by  Magikphil Mobile

Brumes‘ by Magikphil Mobile

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