Mobiography Magazine Issue 35The latest issue of the Mobiography Magazine has just been release onto the Apple App Store and Google Play. As usual you will find it packed full of the usual interviews, top tips, tutorials, features and showcases of the very best in smartphone photography.

What’s inside issue 35?

For our first issue of 2018, we round up our Beginner’s Guide to Composition by taking a closer look at the technique of cropping in close, a simple yet powerful way of creating interesting photographic compositions.

We also talk to two talented photographers, Susan Blanda and Evelyne Sieber. Susan’s photography has a beautifully mysterious style to it, while Evelyne makes use of color, pattern and geometric shapes to create her captivating photos. We find out about their different approaches to the images they take, the apps they use and what advice they have for other photographers.

On the app front, we get to grips with the app Stackables and examine how to use it to add texture to your images. We also show you how to create abstract, painterly photos.

We also find out how a 365 project can help improve your photography skills; how to shoot flatlay photos; and what the new iPhone’s Portrait Lighting feature means for you. For Android photographers, we examine some of the best photo editing apps that are available on Google Play.

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