This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Instagram hashtag – #mobiography – features an amazing seleciton of images that use symmetery and reflections to create some evocotive compostions. From Gabor’s use of perspective created by the lines of a fence to mirna_mahyudin’s use of a reflective floor all photos in this weeks showcase illustrate beautifully what you can create if you look out for moments of symmetry in your surroundings.

Featured photographers this week include; Gabor, Tim Bingham, Jenny Olsen, Joao Figueiredo, Justin Daniel Nungesser, Laurence Bouchard, Ludwig Wagner, Makankosappo, mirna_mahyudin, and Kataryna Matukiewicz.

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Untitled‘ by Gabor – “I took the photo in one of the harbors of Lake Balaton, in Hungary. I was at the right place at the right time. It just started snowing and in the early morning hours no-one else was there. Everything was perfect for a few great shots. The blue railings provide a great contrast against the snowy landscape, and the lines pointing towards the middle give the picture some depth.

I shot the photograph with my iPhone 5s, and I use Lightroom and VSCO for post processing.”

Walking on a straight line (east)

Walking on a straight line (east)‘ by Joao Figueiredo – “This photo shows the beautiful lines sketched by Santiago Calatrava, the architect of the modern railway station “Gare do Oriente” in Lisboa, Portugal build on 1998 for the World Expo. I used the wide-angle lens of LG G5 Smartphone, and edited with Snapseed app, to black and white mode and added a bit of vignette.”

Manasquan Reservoir

Manasquan Reservoir‘ by Justin Daniel Nungesser – “This photo was taken at sunrise in Manasquan, NJ, with my iPhone 7+. It was taken with my photography group, I’m the only one that uses my phone hahaa… I edited it using Lightroom with final touches in Instagram.”


Untitled‘ by Ludwig Wagner – “The photo was taken with my iPhone6sPlus just this past weekend while walking the dog on a very wet and cold day. I almost never take selfies but tend to look for inspiration in what’s around me and was taking a lot of photographs of the dog playing in the mud and water but just happened to snap this as I noticed the reflection of the branches while standing in one of the mud puddles. When I flicked through my images later I realised I had captured quite a strange image. It was processed minimally in Snapseed, only tuning the ambience, adding a vintage filter with vignette and cropping to a square. ”

Espionnage au Louvre

Espionnage au Louvre‘ by Makankosappo – “This photo was taken after Christmas. I really like the Louvre Pyramid and its design. I was a little curious and took a look inside. I took many pictures but this one was the best. As the proverb says: everything is beautiful in black and white!”

Joy and sorrow are the light and shade of life; without light and shade no picture is clear.

Joy and sorrow are the light and shade of life; Without light and shade no picture is clear‘ by mirna_mahyudin – “This photo was shot while visiting Qatar State Mosque with my iPhone camera. With the morning sunlight, the wall trellis design of the mosque looks so pretty with the shadows. So I tried to capture it and it’s beautiful reflections in symmetry. And I wait till a lady walked by, to beautifies the image.

I cropped the photo to show the details and also reduced the saturation. ”

Discovery re-upload

Discovery re-upload‘ by Kataryna Matukiewicz – “This is a photo of a swimming pool in Krakow, Poland. It was built in 1926 what makes it the oldest swimming pool in Poland. I decided to focus on red lines and white floor. These two create together great contrast. My friend agreed to lay down in a position of a drowned man, which is supposed to give a little twist to the photo.”


Untitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard


Untitled‘ by Tim Bingham


KALEB‘ by Jenny Olsen

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