This week’s showcase of mobile photography features a selection of 10 amazing examples of street photography all taken with a smartphone. From Juan Carlos Abelenda’s beautifully observed line up of four people totally engrossed in their smartphones to John Nieto’s candid street portrait of a lady waiting for her bus. All photos in this week’s showcase illustrate the varied types of photo opportunities that are available in the urban streets. All you have to do is open your eyes and observe life as it passed by.

Featured photographers this week include; Agnieszka Pawelek, Juan Carlos Abelenda, John Nieto, Laurence Bouchard, Mike Christoff, BNWmono, Mjoao, Mohammad Ahangar, Paulapps and Roy Savoy.

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Betonowy las


Betonowy las‘ by agospavelsky – “There’s a thing in mobile photography that fascinated and inspired me since I remember – the moment and catching it. That’s why a mobile phone has become a part of me – it’s always within arm’s reach and I can be sure that I won’t miss any moment worth remembering.

So it was the case of that photo. Adverse weather conditions and aura of true late autumn didn’t invite me to pull my hands out of my pockets  but the final result has made up for all inconveniences.

I walk that path almost everyday and thanks to mobile photography I can look at the familiar neighbourhood in a completely different way. One day I noticed an ordinary puddle I wanted simply to by-pass. But the image I saw in the reflection touched me and I decided to show it to the Instagram world. It’s fascinating how an ordinary puddle can become a part of photographer’s work, and gives so amazing results.”



Inmovilizados‘ by Juan Carlos Abelenda – “On Instagram, all the photos I publish are taken with a smartphone Samsung S7. This image was taken on the Barcelona Underground. I love to take photos on the underground, I think it´s a great place to find a lot of history.

Nowadays, everyone (of all ages) is constantly looking at their cell phones. I noticed a group of people who were completely immobilized and almost hypnotized by their cell phones. I did not hesitate to take the photo, because I found it curious. The photo I saw in black and white, so with Snapseed I made the corresponding edits.”

11:16am. december 6th 2016. alamo square


11:16am. december 6th 2016. alamo square‘ by John Nieto – “In a city full of bustling youth I found this woman to appear so timeless and beautiful as she waited for the bus in her full coat and scarf. It’s not often in California that you see someone with so many clothes on. This was the last photograph I shot on my iPhone 6. Edited using Snapseed.”



Bepocah‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “The photo ‘Bepocah’ was taken in Harajuku, Tokyo.  There’s a cool Peruvian restaurant that has this beautiful deep yellow wall outside.  If you get there at the right time on a sunny day it’s a great place for catching silhouettes against the bright coloured wall.

Being Tokyo it usually doesn’t take long for someone interesting to step into frame.  I then edited in Snapseed – applying the vignette filter to get a rich gradient of colour.”



Untitled‘ by Mike Christoff – “My morning commute is a 35 min train ride to downtown Salt Lake and I love to people watch  The morning was bright as the sun just peaked over the tops of Gobblers Knob on the Wasatch Front. This gentleman was looking down on his smartphone and I thought, this will look great in bnw. I knew the moment wouldn’t last because both trains train were about to depart, So, I used the burst mode on my iPhone 6s. Looking through the shots, I was pleasantly surprised at this capture. With him still reading, unaware of of the activity happening outside.

Post edit using Snapseed. Using  the Tune Image, Tonal Contrast, Detail and Vintage features before flipping it to BnW.

d i r t y b o o t s


d i r t y b o o t s‘ by BNWmono



Untitled‘ by mjoao



Untitled‘ by Mohammad Ahangar

E assim caminha a humanidade


E assim caminha a humanidade‘ by paulapps

East 42nd Street


East 42nd Street‘ by Roy Savoy

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