This weeks showcase of iPhone photography from the Mobiography Instagram hashtag #mobiography feed features a selection of stunning photos that all depict solitary figures in the compositions.

From the moody ambience of Austerity_blues’ ‘Watch the weather change’ to the high energy, mid air silhouette action shot by Niels Brunelli’s, all photos this week show how different photographers have approached the human element to portray mood and energy in their photos.

Featured photographers this week include; austerity_blues, bibimyhuong, Laurence Bouchard, Mark Fearnley, Niels Brunelli, catsburner, storyboxart, Street.Theatre, Luis M D Rodrigues, and Richfoto.

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Watch the weather change


Watch the weather change‘ by austerity_blues – “I took this photo during a walk at one of the southern suburbs of Athens, Greece. I saw this man standing there for quite a long time and I immediately knew that he would make a great subject for a photo, combined with the stunning scenery. Most of my compositions are usually finalised after experimenting during the editing process but on this rare occasion I had imagined the end result before even taking the photo!

I took the photo with the native camera app of my iPhone 6s and after some minimal cropping I applied a filter with the Hipstamatic app and that’s about it! I have a kind of punk attitude regarding the editing and I tend to not over analyze it cause it destroys the fun for me! ”



Untitled‘ by bibimyhuong – “I took it when I went to the museum with my friends. This place was so great with beautiful and miraculous architecture. I walked around this place and I saw him. I think that he was a guard officer…”

Follow the leader


Follow the leader‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “‘Follow the leader’ was shot at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building (also known as Tocho).  It was designed by architect Kenzo Tange in 1990 and looks a bit like a giant gothic cathedral.  It’s an incredible building and a great place to spend a few hours shooting..

One sunny afternoon I went there and it has this great vantage point overlooking the entrance with a beautifully tiled floor.  I’d only been there a short while when this couple – a guy in a hat and a girl with a black and white striped umbrella started walking across.  I took a few shots of them passing by.  Later I edited this shot in Snapseed – cropping the image and adding a bit more contrast to exaggerate the shadows.”

Paint it Black


Paint it Black‘ by Mark Fearnley – “I’m a massive fan of hats, especially the Trilby, which I wear all the time. In this shot I was catching the tube home from Tower Hill when I saw this guy coming down the steps. I couldn’t believe how cool he looked in his black Trilby and long black mac, just my sort of subject, so I snapped away with the iPhone. I loved the result, with the lines of the steps and the silhouette.

To finish the image I edited it in Snapseed, increasing the contrast and silhouetting to give a strong dark mood, which is part of my photography style.”

I believe I can fly


I believe I can fly‘ by Niels Brunelli – “This is my little girl, Eva. On vacation in Denmark (I’ve got some relatives there), I went on a cycling tour on a warm afternoon in the Danish countryside with Eva and her oldest sister. After feeding some cows and petting some goats we found a playground near a camping site. She couldn’t stop hopping around on this very big balloon like cushion half inflated with air. Eva was happy, I was happy, the sky was photogenic… impossible not to take a picture (using Hipstamatic app with the combo Jane/BlackKeys Supergrain).”

Trop belle cette photo en BNW ou en couleur c’est splendide


Trop belle cette photo en BNW ou en couleur c’est splendide‘ by catsburner – “This photo was taken with my iPhone 6+, in Marseille, the MUCEM. The MUCEM is a very closed place but very open at the same time, many lines of flight, a lot of shadows and lights. I asked my son to run, as if to chase shadows and lights .”

Leica dreams


Leica dreams‘ by storyboxart

East Bentleigh Foodies


East Bentleigh Foodies‘ by Street.Theatre



Untitled‘ by Luis M D Rodrigues – “I took it during my vacation time in Galicia at Cies islands, with my family.
The kid lying in the sand is my oldest son, MIGUEL who is 9 years old. It was an interesting thing the ‘X’ he was doing with his body.”

Red for Danger


Red for Danger‘ by Richfoto

Which was your favourite?

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