Due to the nature of social networking, the single image is increasingly becoming the norm for photo websites and users’ showcases, rather than a full series of work or ‘project’.

The ability to catch a moment on your mobile phone and instantly upload to a photo-sharing site demonstrates the way mobile photography can be a very powerful tool in areas such as photojournalism. However, this ‘instantaneous’ culture can lead to the need to upload photos on a constant, and sometimes daily, basis meaning the storytelling of a narrative sequence of images is lost.

While there are many photography showcases built around a single image, this feature aims to showcase a story built around the photographer and their subject.

Anthony Foster – Melbourne

0. Lead Image - Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Ever since I’ve lived in Australia I’ve always wanted to document the view that I have of the city I’ve lived in for over the past ten years.  There have been many occasions where I wished I had my SLR with me, to photograph a particular scene or to capture a moment. I invariably stored this in my head and planned to come back armed with my big and bulky camera but I very rarely did as life goes on, and other things generally just got in the way.

I think the advent of mobile photography has kind of changed that notion of “I wish I had my camera with me” or “how great it would be photograph this if only …” as most of us now wield a fantastic piece of photographic equipment, namely our mobile phone. It’s always with us, produces great quality pictures, and can be used effectively to capture fantastic images other than just the standard snapshot.

Photographing this set of images in Melbourne has been a process I’ve been very proud of personally. The Australian sun can create some incredible sources of light, if a little harsh and fierce at times, but it really suits my style of photography I think and the images that I like to create. I also have really strived to capture my view of Melbourne, a vibrant and eclectic city, with an old European heritage in the new world. Most of these images have been taken whilst on the move, whether travelling to and from work, at social occasions and even while riding my bike and the iPhone, which I personally use, has enabled me to capture things that I see in my day to day life of living in Melbourne.

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