The theme for this week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at several images that use simple and interesting compositions.

From the simple, stark landscape by Monika Pro? and the high contrast blank seascape by Matthew Clements to the interesting use of diagonal lines in Jamèl van de Pas ‘Ascension’ and Lee Atwell’s ‘A sense of belonging’. All the photographs featured in this weeks showcase beautifully illustrate how effective it can be if you pay attention to the layout of your compositions when framing your photographs.

Featured photographers include Monika Pro?, Matthew Clements, Jamèl van de Pas, Armineh Hovanesian, Ross Mannion, ARCHiPhone, Lee Atwell and Nick Kenrick.

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Lonely tree

Photo by monika

Lonely tree‘ by Monika Pro? – “This photo was taken in Dobromierzyce (Poland). I shot the photo with the native camera app iPhone4s and edited in Snapseed and Mextures. ”

“Nothing beyond the harbour” Whitstable

Photo by matthew clements

“Nothing beyond the harbour” Whitstable‘ by Matthew Clements – “I have recently started shooting again following a break in my mobile photography. Living near the beach and harbour in Whitstable, I often like to walk there and photograph the scene.

On this day, the view beyond the harbour was obscured with a thick mist which the harbour a feeling of seclusion, hence the title I chose. The light was bright enough to provide a clean shadow on the water in the harbour.

With my LG G3 Android phone, I shot in Vignette using the high contrast yellowy New York filter and processed the image in VSCO Cam. I adjusted the contrast and exposure, selecting the B3 preset to enhance the effect in monochrome. I wanted the harbour to become a near-silhouette, leaving just a few details in the centre of the image.”


Photo by  Jamèl van de Pas

Ascension‘ by Jamèl van de Pas – “Since I just turned 17, I don’t have enough money (yet) to buy a camera. Therefore, almost all of my pictures were shot with my mobile phone, including this one. I took it while sitting on a chair in a department store. At first I just wanted to take a picture of the escalators because of the interesting lines, but when I saw the young woman approaching I decided to wait for the perfect moment. Looking back I must say I’m really happy I did that.

This picture was definitely inspired by the man who got me into photography, Paul Strand. The theme of the picture was inspired by the 2003 movie Lost in Translation.

Just like almost all of my pictures, this picture was edited with Snapseed.”

Day 47 – Playing with the setting sun

Photo by Armineh Hovanesian

Day 47 – Playing with the setting sun‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “I have partaken in a 365 Project for 2015. Some days are challenging than others when it comes to finding my photo for/of the day!
Right around 4pm, as the sun is setting, there’s this intense light flooding our living room area for about 15 minutes. On that particular day, I decided to kneel on the floor and play with the rays and see what results I can get with the shots. After quite a few takes, I was able to capture what I envisioned. This shot was taken with my iPhone5s using Oggl (Florence Lens + BlacKeys XF Film).”

The Fog That Never Lifted. Tullamore, Ireland | iPhone 5s

Photo by Ross Mannion

The Fog That Never Lifted. Tullamore, Ireland | iPhone 5s‘ by Ross Mannion – “This photo was taken recently when we had a couple of days of very heavy fog in Ireland. I don’t usually take landscape shots anymore but this day I was out walking my dogs and I got a couple. There was no real inspiration behind the photograph but I suppose it was just the lovely diffused light and mood the fog creates that had me interested in taking a few pics. It was shot with Pro Camera 8, cropped and scaled in Filterstorm Neue and I ran it through Stackables (Orange Day I Think). The the bird was added in with Distressed FX.”

On the road

Photo by ARCHiPhone

On the road‘ by ARCHiPhone – “These photos were taken in the iPhone app they were both Vint B&W MII. I have liked this app for a long time. In Japan, it is becoming finally warm, this day was a very pleasant day. Recently I ave been shooting more often in black and white.”

Under the bridge

Photo by ARCHiPhone

Under the bridge‘ by ARCHiPhone

A Sense of Belonging

Photo by Lee Atwell

A Sense of Belonging‘ by Lee Atwell – “The building in the background is the Seattle Public Library. I was happy to see this woman wearing her floral scarf as she exited the library as I liked the juxtaposition between her and the geometric shapes behind her. The strength of the shapes in the background seemed to reflect this woman’s inner strength and sense of belonging in this urban setting.

I used an iPhone 5s with the Hipstamatic app – the ‘Wonder Lens’ and the ‘AO BW Film’.”

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

Photo by Nick Kenrick

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley‘ by Nick Kenrick

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