This weeks showcase of mobile photography looks at 10 stunning examples of portrait photography taken and edited with a smartphone. Each photographer in this weeks series has expertly captured and connected with their subjects in order to convey something about the subjects surrounding or personality.

Featured artists this week include: colliersebastian, Stillsasa, Brendan O Se, hashim346, bigboystair, lightspacesurf, Peter Gonera, saran_naren, David Kindervater and Elaine Taylor.

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Untitled‘ by colliersebastian – “I am a short film producer and director developing costume characters for different scenes. The clown is an evolving performance. The idea is to reinvent the clown away from a circus cliche towards a normalising almost fashion icon. Ambitious but playful. I draw inspiration from fashion and performance art.

This particular photo is a self portrait shot with an iPhone 7 plus on a tripod with a Bluetooth selfie stick taking the picture. Hipstamatic app is the starting point for composition and framing. I use several filter apps such as Mextures, Enlight and Stackables to grade and ‘atmosphere’ the photo. The studio I work from is naturally lit, allowing more movement to play with shadow. The clown is a soft latex mask which when filtered can deceive the eye into believing make up. Framing the eyes is critical. I take several hundred photos with each sitting.”


Self‘ by Stillsasa

Just add a little sunshine

Just add a little sunshine‘ by Brendan O Se – “Shot on portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus in Limassol, Cyprus. Unlike most of my usual work, this was an asked-for portrait. I tried to chat to the guy while shooting to get some different emotion and look from him. Edited with Snapseed. ”

The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand‘ by hashim346 – “As a part of my job I am currently in Sudan. The photo was shot at the banks of river Nile, the place where Blue and White Nile meets in Sudan, while we had a trip to Khartoum, Sudan one of the weekend. This boy was playing in the sand with his father making small dunes. His father was helping him with the dunes not to fell down. I saw this bond between the boy and his father and wanted to capture it. I asked him and he gave me permission to shoot. Actually my plan was to capture them together but I felt this would be more emotional and the boy’s reaction was priceless when I show him his picture.

I used snapseed for post processing. I used the black and white tool and just adjusted the brightness and shadows. ”

Whachoo lookin’ at..?

Whachoo lookin’ at..?‘ by bigboystair – “This photo was taken on the London Underground where I am always looking out for interesting characters to photograph. I liked the tough demeanour of this person and despite his expression, he wasn’t aware he was being photographed.

The photo was taken with an iPhone 6s and edited in the Hipstamatic app using the Beard lens and Rock BW-11 film.”

Angry day

Angry day‘ by lightspacesurf – “I like a lot street photography but I want to build progressively my own universe between surrealism, wonderland, dreams and wilderness. I’m very interested by the concept of identity and the masks we wear. For this photo, I played with this mask to create an alter ego and became slowly filled with power and anger. The image was edited with Snapseed and Mextures, and I’ve tried to add a touch of brimstone to plainly illustrate the moment.”

Portraits // February 15, 2017

Portraits // February 15, 2017‘ by Peter Gonera – “This is a portrait of my son. I used Hipstamatic for the iPhone 6, and processed to black and white in Snapseed and InShot. And then posted it to Instagram. I have been taking portraits of my kids and my family generally using the iPhone only the best photographs get be posted. ”


Untitled‘ by saran_naren – “This is aphoto of a my friend of mine. I took this photo when we, a group of 6 people, were traveling by train. It was a candid shot. I loved the lighting of the window and the shadows on her face. Just clicked :)”

“Every morning I see another miracle; I can’t believe, I’m living the impossible.”

Every morning I see another miracle; I can’t believe, I’m living the impossible.‘ by David Kindervater – “This is a photo of singer/songwriter Lacey Sturm. I took some portraits of her before her band’s Pittsburgh show — the final show of her current tour. We were specifically doing an iPhone 7 Plus shoot and took advantage of the late-afternoon lighting. I shot in color but converted the whole set to black and white, which really seemed to fit the rock ‘n’ roll vibe and street surroundings. The perfect match was VSCO’s X5 filter which provided some nice, warm tones. ”

Charlie and Billy. I hope they will always make each other laugh

Charlie and Billy. I hope they will always make each other laugh‘ by Elaine Taylor – “These are my sons, Charlie and Billy. We were at an amusement park on the day I took this photo. My boys absolutely love those places. The bigger, faster and scarier the rides the better. They were having such a great day together and were best pals, dashing from one ride to the next. They’d persuaded me to join them on a big wheel ride, where I shot this. They sat opposite me being daft and making each other chuckle. This photo is such a great representation of their moods on that day.

The photo was taken using the Portrait mode on my iPhone7 plus, with a little tweaking in Snapseed.”

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