This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at a selection of portraits photos taken with a smartphone. From Jorris Martinez’s fantastic close up black and white portrait which details the lines and facial details of his friend to Pier Luigi Dodi’s colourful portrait of his son casually watching TV. All the photos featured this week illustrate different ways in which mobile photographers have approached the subject of portrait photography.

Featured photographers this week include Pier Luigi Dodi, Marco Di Battista, Luisón, Lee Atwell, Kristie, Katie Teixeira, Karen Axelrad, Jorris Martinez, Dinalfs and Alex Paton.

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Pier Luigi Dodi

Spiderman‘ by Pier Luigi Dodi – “My son is an actor! As he watches cartoons he dresses up like his best hero! I shot it with my iPhone 6 Plus and processed in Snapseed.”

Ritratto di Mireia

Marco Di Battista

Ritratto di Mireia‘ by Marco Di Battista – “Mireia is a colleague at Catalunya Ràdio. I met her several years ago and immediately I liked the way she smiled. I love the contrast between her black, dark hair and the light of her face. In this photo she teaches us joie de vivre, looking high and far and inviting us to do the same. Ritratto di Mireia (Portraits of Mireia) is part of my study with a set of Hipstamatic (Tinto 1884 lens, D-Type film and Standard Flash). ”

A sad face


A sad face‘ by Luisón – “This was shot on my IPhone 6, using the app Hisptamatic (JohnS lenses + BlacKey SuperGrain film). I corrected the distorted lines using FrontView, and then cropped the frame with Snapseed.

The story is very simple. I usually wander around my place with my eyes with open and the IPhone´s camera ready to shoot. When I came across this old woman, I was struck by her gesture and sad face, so I didn´t hesitate and shot.”

6th Avenue

Lee Atwell

6th Avenue‘ by Lee Atwell – “‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.’ – Edgar Allen Poe

While taking photos in the heart of the city, I unexpectedly came across this woman dressed in an outfit reminiscent to me as if out of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

I took this candid street portrait of her using the Hipstamatic App with the Akira Lens and AO BW Film (which provides beautiful black and white depths, contrasts and tones) – emphasizing how she looked somewhat out of place and yet, at the same time, somewhat as though she fit right in with the urban environment around her.”

.la fin.


.la fin.‘ by Kristie – “This image was shot on the native camera, on my iPhone 6s, and processed in VSCO app with M2 preset.

I drive by this location every day on my way to work, and had always thought it would be fun to do a shoot there, with the long driveway and the trees that line both sides, in a canopy style way. Once Spring arrived, the colors became very vibrant and everything was in full bloom. It only lasts for about a week or so, and I knew I had a small timeframe to shoot in.

I had recently found this beautiful dress that I knew I wanted to do a photoshoot with. I thought all the colors would be a perfect scene, so I went there on a Saturday afternoon and had my son take the photos for me. This was the last image in the series I did. ”

Mextures n Coffee

Katie Teixeira

Mextures n coffee‘ by Katie Teixeira – “I took this self portrait on a cold, rainy spring day. The flowers signify my longing for the warm spring sunshine that seems to be taking it’s time coming out this year. I used my iPhone 6 to talk the self portrait and then edited in Mextures, Darkroom and Snapseed.”

Thai Park

Karen Axelrad

Thai Park‘ by Karen Axelrad – “The official name of this park in Berlin is Prussian Park, but on Sundays it becomes Thai Park. Dozens of people set up their blankets and sell Thai food. This was a warm Sunday and the park was packed. This woman was preparing a papaya salad mixing the spices with a mortar and pestle. The photo was lightly processed in Snapseed and Ansel.”


Jorris Martinez

Smartphone‘ by Jorris Martinez – “I met Pierrot randomly in a street and have known him since I was a kid. He is an amateur archaeologist and is well known here for that, he is always out with his metal detector, searching for a long time.

I processed the photo and like the way it reveals all the details on the face, the traces of life, wear, all these defects that a bottom face.”

Bus Woman


Bus Woman‘ by Dinalfs


Alex Paton

Drifter‘ by Alex Paton

Which was your favourite?

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