The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is portrait photography with photos that have used the #Mobiography hashtag on Instagram. The portraits featured this week range from @elevennyc’s casual portrait taken on a bright red sofa in the middle of the street to @Raffamuffin’s underwater portrait of his son. All photos illustrate different approaches that people have used to capturing compelling and emotive images of their subjects.

Featured photographers this week include; bradn247, elevenyc, katieteix, little___nose, narnyaimbrin, Raffamuffin, zurrondelaprendiz, 90s__kid, avelasco71 and caravananders.

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Making a Sensory Connection

Andy Butler

‘Making a Sensory Connection’ by caravananders – “This is my son, Luke. He is 5 years old and has autism. Despite his disabilities and the challenges he faces, he is a very happy and affectionate boy who takes great comfort in sensory activities – light, touch and sound. At bath times he will often lie with his ears submerged under the water, listening to the sounds as he chatters and taps on the sides of the bath. When I took this photo, he was doing just that. He looked so calm and peaceful I just had to grab my iPhone and capture the moment (making sure I didn’t drop the phone into the water). The photo was taken using the iPhone Camera App, then it was cropped in Snapseed, a little warmth, contrast and brightness added before applying the Grainy Film filter.”

Liberty Barber Shop


Liberty Barber Shop‘ by bradn247 – “I call the series #alamamatters There is a little over 200 now the link to most of them are at my VSCO journal. As far as editing goes I use four apps on iOS. First I used Filterstorm Neue for general clean up and masking, then imported into Snapseed for a little tune up. Then I used a formula I created in Mextures and finished it all off in VSCO. The way the series got started was quite by accident. I was originally going to only do 50, but it brought so much joy to me and other people. It took on a life of its own when I figured out what the mission statement would be for the protect. And that would be shoot with one over head light, I cheat sometimes, the other was to get as many different types of faces, ethnicity, religions, medical situations such as Down syndrome and cancer survivors and people that lost their battle soon after the shoot, but wanted to be involved. It is humbling to see where this was and where it is now. I have done hip hop artist and local pastors. One of the pastors in the series ask for me to include him so his parishioners would see him in a different light, it worked LOL.”

Red luxury (he said)


Red luxury (he said)‘ by elevenyc – “The guy I photographed is my friend Rickey I have known him for 7 years since my junior year in high school. He is a model in the making. Very sweet and silly guy. I really like his expression because it show who he is. A happy guy. ”

Just one look at you and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day


Just one look at you and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day‘ by katieteix – “The inspiration for the photo was simple. Daisies. They’re simple beauty and exude happiness. The self portrait was taken with my iPhone 6 and then edited with the Mextures app. ”



Untitled‘ by little___nose – “I was traveling to Kolkata on a local train. I was gazing at the express train coming from Allahabad just next to our track. I noticed how beautiful it was to look at the different activities and emotions the windows were presenting. I  thought I should frame this moment so I started recording a video and freeze it with a photograph. This man was on the last window. His features were so strong with this tight background I could not resist capturing this moment. “

Yes, sometimes…


Yes, sometimes…‘ by narnyaimbrin – “There is no specific backstory about this photo. All my photos are created in relation to my emotional state. So, this one is about loneliness and uncertainty. My self portraits are my way to deal with every day emotions.”

Having fun at Procida


Having fun at Procida‘ by Raffamuffin – “I shot this photo using an iPhone 6 and a 165 wide angle on a waterproof case by Optrix. I edited the photo by increasing the black using the native photo app and the Gingham filter by Instagram.

The boy is one my twins, I’m a father of three, his name is Andrea and he is 12 years old. My work is complicated and not spend much time with my family but as soon as we can we try to go out together to have fun and to see new places. The photo was taken in Procida, one of the Gulf of Naples islands which is the city where we live. It was a beautiful Sunday.”



Untitled‘ by zurrondelaprendiz



Explorations‘ by 90s__kid

Selamat Hari Raya


Selamat Hari Raya‘ by avelasco71

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