This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group highlights 10 amazing iPhone photos that each feature a lone figure within their composition.

Some of these images make a strong connection with the subject and viewer through direct eye contact. A brilliant example of this is Shel Serkin’s ‘Guillermo’. Other images such as Richard Pilon’s ‘Hipstamatic 165’ make clever use of composition and framing to draw the viewers eye into the photo and towards the lone figure.

Featured photographers in this week’s showcase are Shel Serkin, Nick Kenrick, shinnya umetsu, Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez, Monika Pro?, Richard Pilon, Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak, Lee Atwell, Gerard Collett and e_rnst.

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Photo by Shel Serkin

Guillermo‘ by Shel Serkin – “I saw “Guillermo” from a distance across the street in Brooklyn, his hand in his coat. He seemed to be hiding something, so I picked up my pace. As I got near, he quickly pulled out a bottle, took a swig, and stuck his hand back in his coat. I missed this telling action, but perhaps the shot is stronger NOT knowing what he has stashed away….

Shot with an iPhone 6 with oggl: low lens./US1776 film.”


Photo by Nick Kenrick

Rome‘ by Nick Kenrick – “We were walking through the Jewish quarter of Rome and I was looking as ever for interesting people to photograph. I found this Gypsy woman begging, Rome is the name given to gypsy’s, I think so it was apt for my time there. I had to blur the background in photoshop afterwards, the one downside of mobile photography…”

Polaroid people #6

Photo by shinnya umetsu

Polaroid people #6‘ by shinnya umetsu – “Taken with iPhone 5s native camera and edited using Artstudio and VSCOcam. The process of this series was edited with the layer tool in Art Studio to create a photo story itself. Although it seems to be a drawing in a one page picture book, I am enjoying drawing my stories.”

The bus

Photo by Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez

The bus‘ by Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez – “On the way to work I found this man a little impatient for the arrival of the bus, he caught my attention and I decided to take the picture from a slightly low angle and thus fill the frame with the building as background. I used the native iPhone camera using burst mode, then made some adjustments to Snapseed, finally take Oggl and I used the Wonder lens and BlankoFreedom13 film for final result.”

Point of view

Point of view‘ by Monika Pro? – “This photo was taken in Emigration Museum in Gdynia (Poland). I shot the photo with the iPhone 6 in Hipstamatic and edited in SKRWT and Adobe Photoshop Express.”

Hipstamatic 165

Photo by Richard Pilon

Hipstamatic 165‘ by Richard Pilon – “I had an hour to spare in Toronto before boarding my train at Union Station to return home after two days of meetings. I decided to take a stroll along the Toronto Skywalk. I took many silhouette shots of people passing by in front of the walkway windows. In this particular image a gentleman suddenly stopped walking and stood still, gazing at the view outside. I was very happy with the composition and mood of this shot including the symmetrical architectural framing.”


Photo by Lee Atwell

Seashore‘ by Lee Atwell – “The location of this photo is the ‘Natural Bridges State Park’ in Santa Cruz, California. My intention was to capture the beauty of the dramatic seascape, however, as can often happen when taking photos, something very unexpected can appear – here, the young man who was surfing with friends nearby, literally ran into the photo. I used the ‘Hipstamatic’ app with the John S Lens and D-Type Plate Film to attain the vintage black and white look.”

Old School Commuter, Stratford

Photo by Gerard Collett

Old School Commuter, Stratford‘ by Gerard Collett – “This photograph was taken very quickly whilst I was transferring trains at Stratford station. What first drew my attention was the man’s hat and scarf. There is an authenticity about gentleman of this man’s generation wearing the hat and coat combination. I am nostalgic by nature, so I am always drawn to people who might offer a fleeting glimpse into the past, both personally and in a general sense. This man had stopped to pick up an Evening Standard from the newspaper stand, so I took my opportunity whilst he was stationary for a moment. I only managed one shot before he moved on, so had to work with the silhouetted exposure and chose to emphasise in Snapseed. I try not to overdo contrast and preserve midtones and the greys whenever I can (as well as the original crop) in my Black and White conversions, but in this case, I thought the natural contrast already present meant that I could err on a more polarised black and white. ”

Walking With Shadows

Photo by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak

Walking With Shadows‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak


Photo by e_rnst

Untitled‘ by e_rnst

Which was your favourite?

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