This weeks selection of mobile photography from the Flickr Group includes another selection of mobile photography which ranges from the photographic art of George Politis to the levitation of Anthony Tulliani. Other featured artists and photographers include Grant Hardeway, unaisa momoitio, Tracey Renehan and Connie Rosenthal. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this weeks Flickr Group, keep them coming. Its great to see all the great work being producing with mobile phone cameras.

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song to the siren

Photo by _giorgopoliti_

song to the siren‘ by Photo by _giorgopoliti_ – “The title comes from Tim Buckley’s classic song and is an extension to a series called “Metamorphosis”. The series explores the idea of change\transformation and how our own personal perception alters throughout time.

Hipstamatic was used to capture the base image, then superimpose for the layering. The other pieces of the collage were shot with the iPhone’s native camera and tweaked in Snapseed.”

92#2014/365……….:). IPHONE

Photo by unaisa momoitio

92#2014/365……….:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio

The stretch

Photo by Tracey Renehan

The stretch‘ by Tracey Renehan – “This shot was taken with Hipstamatic’s JohnS & Blackeys Supergrain combo during a recent visit to New York. My mission, at the time, was to take photos of the ruined piers by the Hudson River, so I hadn’t been giving much attention to the people I passed along the way. This jogger caught my attention from a distance and I rushed towards her to get the shot.

It’s one of those shots I question as the backdrop facing her was the lower Manhattan skyscrapers, which might have been better than the background I finally chose. In hindsight, I probably would have needed to be out on the river to get the shot I think I missed. Still, I’m happy with what I got and it was a glorious crisp day to be out shooting!

I did very little post processing in Snapseed with an adjustment to the Brightness, Contrast, added Ambiance plus a colour filter in the Black & White tool. I don’t remember which of the colour filters, I normally click them all and choose the one I like best.”


Photo by Connie Rosenthal

Contemplation‘ by Connie Rosenthal – “This photograph was taken at a Karen Divine workshop at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops last March. We were lucky enough to have several models and a wonderful location, the Scottish Rites Temple. This model was wonderful to shoot, really natural and comfortable in front of the camera and she made taking photos really easy. This was taken in a room full of beds (you can see the stripes of mattresses in the photo). I used the Hipstamatic Tinto lens and D-type film and just got a lucky shot.”

Larger than Life 2: Bigger Plans

Photo by Brandon Kidwell

Larger than Life 2: Bigger Plans‘ by Brandon Kidwell – “This image is part of a series of three images representing the bigger picture in life. No matter if your religious or not, I feel that everyone has a sense of a greater order to life and that some events seem more than coincidence. This is my visual representation of life’s bigger plans in simple form.

Captured and edited on the Nokia Lumia 1020 using ProShot (b&w setting contrast +2) and Fantasia Painter to blend the two images.”

Into The Fog

Photo by AnthonyTulliani

Into The Fog‘ by AnthonyTulliani – “The photo was made one morning when I went out during a really cool fog. I went to my favorite park closest to my house and went to the dock and found that you couldn’t see the river at all. I set up my tripod and had a remote shutter for my iPhone and took some shots with me standing in front of this wall of fog on the edge of the dock. I then tried some jumping shots and one came out really well! I used Snapseed, Afterlight and VSCOcam to edit this shot.”

Simple geometry

Photo by Grant Hardeway

Simple geometry‘ by Grant Hardeway – “The photo has much more significance than the title implies.
It is a shot of my 11 year old son coming from school after his geometry test. The spot is an area that I’ve viewed for years, and have often commented to him how I’d like to one day come with my camera and take a few shots of it. Anyway, that day while waiting I spied him approaching the station and waited for him to descend the stairs. He quickened his pace, excited to report his progress, being proud that he had done quite well.

The processing was done by first cropping for a square format and running it first through pixlormatic “antonio” filter, and then right back through the hagrid filter if my memory serves me correctly.”

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