The photographs featured in this weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcase feature another diverse array of talented photographers and artists. From the beautifully mysterious portrait by Robin Robertis to the simplicity of Shinnya Umetsu’s landscape shot called ‘A Rut’. The showcase has again been a pleasure to curate. Other featured photographers this week include Tim Hatton, [email protected], Mike Bowers, and unaisa momoitio.

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Photo by Robin Robertis

Untitled‘ by Robin Robertis – “Everyone in my family knows i love to shoot with my iPhone underwater. So while photographing my niece and nephew on their spring break, my other niece who’s father is a photographer stopped by and for artist reasons and loving her aunt she jumped in and i got this shot in Hipstamatic, who i am just now experimenting with.”

Back down in the Big Smoke!

Photo by Tim Hatton

Back down in the Big Smoke!‘ by Tim Hatton – “I tend to work with composition, so this image is very representative of my style. It was taken in London’s Tottenham Court Road Underground station. I was visiting the city after a long absence, and this was almost the first image I took after I arrived.

I first discovered mobiography when I lived in London. In a way, this image represents my ‘welcome back’ to the place.

The image was taken with the native iPhone 5S camera then edited using Snapseed.”


Photo by M@Mateos

Untitled‘ by [email protected] – “This was shot in downtown Toronto. I was on a routine walk of shooting when I came across a building that had a backdrop that, due to the paint, I suppose, resembled what can best be described as “white denim.” More importantly though, the sunlight that afternoon cast a rather stark shadow on the wall that just begged for me to wait a moment. So, I waited for 2 minutes and my subject appeared.

It was simply a mood that inspired me – the half-light, the sole and confident subject – the attitude of the subject and the sun.

Shot with iPhone using Hipstamatic (Burke lens and BlackKeys Supergrain Film). A “Save Ferris” touch of Mextures is applied to the final edit – but it really does little other than tone down the contrast of the original. ”


Photo by Mike Bowers

Metamorphisis‘ by Mike Bowers – “My oldest son HATES having his picture taken so I had to sneak this one in while he wasn’t paying attention. The shot turned out poor, making it a prime candidate for a bit of apping. I started with Living Planet (Tiny Planet knock off) and then ran the result through Fragment to chop it up a bit. I then ran that result through Percolator, and made a couple of Glaze versions. I then used Supermpose to blend everything together, and finished up in Snapseed to tweak the results.

I titled the result Metamorphisis because the resulting image felt like it was in the midst of changing – swirling from an image of who my son was, towards the person he will become.”

A rut

Photo by  shinnya umetsu

a rut‘ by shinnya umetsu


Photo by  unaisa momoitio

151#2014/365.‘ by unaisa momoitio

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