The theme for the last weeks Mobiography smartphone photo challenge was ‘Joy and Happiness’. For this challenge the Mobiography community was asked to think about sharing their best photos that captured the the feelings of Joy & Happiness  such as laughter, special occasions, portraits of smiling people, or people celebrating.

Featured photographers this week include: @wanderingi_photos, @tenderfoot_photo, @rawsdebbie, @myiphoneonly, @miguelcastellano_photo, @malmccann, @jsmayores, @harnaka_harto, @christinemignon, @ceci.fogel_.glusman and @persiflagepics

Coming Soon – The Mobiography Awards 2022

The weekly Mobiography photo challenges will be taking a break for a short time now as next week we will be launching the second Mobiography Awards, so stay tuned for more details about the categories, prizes and live Youtube show plans.

Because sometimes you just need to entertain yourself

‘Because sometimes you just need to entertain yourself’ by @wanderingi_photos – “In 2018, I started making my daughter’s lunch/snacks into faces on occasion. I really did this for my own entertainment/boredom. Let’s face it (pun intended), packing lunches can get a bit mundane and boring. I did of course also think Maya would get a kick out of it, and she did! She even started requesting certain things: cats, rabbits, etc. They always seem to put a smile on her face. Hopefully it brought a smile to you all as well.

Shot and edited on iPhone XS.”

Boy playing in watering hole

‘Boy playing in watering hole’ by @tenderfoot_photo – “My pic “Boy Playing in Watering Hole” was taken at the peak of summer, 2021. I wanted to get familiar with the burst mode on my iPhone and so I went into town to see if I could get some interesting shots.

I saw this young boy playing in the water. I watched him for a few moments and thought he would make an interesting subject. Because he was running, I thought using burst mode would be my best option to get a good shot of him juxtaposed with the hard lines of the modern architecture in the background.

I took several shots of him but this was one of my favorites because you can see his full body silhouette. He was having so much fun running through the water, and I love that the burst mode was able to capture his movement along with the droplets of water with such clarity.

I converted the image to black and white because it created a more intriguing mood and the colors just seemed distracting to the overall image. I wanted to simplify the scene, and black and white really helped to place the focus on the boys silhouette.”

Mischief, giggles, fun and love. That’s what little boys are made of!

‘Mischief, giggles, fun and love. That’s what little boys are made of!’ by @rawsdebbie “This was a picture taken via iPhone 12 Pro Max of my 2 year old grandson playing peek a boo with me on the stairs of his house. I converted to black and white and edited in Snapseed. ”

Happy Boy

‘Happy Boy’ by @myiphoneonly – “Benji and I were waiting for his big brother to finish baseball practice so he decided that we needed a hot chocolate and a cookie. He got his wish and I got a great image on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and I used Snapseed (my go-to) for slight editing.”


‘Untitled’ by @miguelcastellano_photo – “This photo was taken at a jazz concert held in a church. It’s very curious because the band played John Coltrane’s album “A love supreme”. I never thought it was about a romantic human kind of love, but the fact is that Coltrane was a very religious man and he composed this album thinking in a spiritual and religious kind of love. I suppose that was the reason why the concert took place in a church. The bassman seemed to reach, for a moment, a higher state of consciousness playing that amazing music. It was a very intense and joyful experience.”

Team spirit

‘Team spirit’ by @malmccann

Jump and enjoy your kid while they’re young

‘Jump and enjoy your kid while they’re young’ by @jsmayores – “Shot was taken early this year in Laguna, Philippines. Our family had an outing on a riverside resort in Laguna. The hilly part of the resort provided a good spot for a photoshoot and I decided to have a jump shot with our youngest boy at my back. I positioned the camera on the ground and set up the timer to achieve the shot. Tried a couple of jumps and luckily the shot went as planned. An Oppo Reno 6 5g mobile phone was used and edited the photo using the phone editor to enhance the contrast, brightness and saturation. It’s never too late to have a jump shot with your boy while they’re young.”

My grand in gatsby style

‘My grand in gatsby style’ by @harnaka_harto – “We attended a wedding ceremony of one my nieces with the dress code, Gatsby look.

So we prepare with the customary special hat and the suspender instead of a belt. My grands 2 year old (the small one) and 6 year old (the big one).

For the small one its not easy to find the cap that fit his head, so the cap is bigger than his size, and most of the time we have to adjust the cap before it blinds his sight”


‘Untitled’ by @christinemignon – “The picture was taken at the Pride Rainbow Parade 2022 in Vienna, where people march through the city in celebration of the community and demand equal rights and tolerance for all.

iPhone XS, Hipstamatic App (Beard lens, AOBW film, Apollo flash)”

Woman in NYC

‘Woman in NYC’ by @ceci.fogel_.glusman


‘Untitled’ by @persiflagepics