The theme for the last Mobiography smartphone photo challenge was ‘Water’ and what an amazing response. There were so many superb images submitted to this challenge. For the challenge you were asked to think about capturing puddles, lakes, raindrops, reflections or seascapes in your photos. Here is a selection of some of the photos submitted to the challenge.

Featured photographers this week include: @sundancer17, @alice1280, @in.divisi.on, @amanzottifoto, @miakbh, @jawdoc2, @persiflagepics, @jschack1818, @saminnnimas, @camhaynes22, @robinrobertis, @sombra_y_luz, @laurence__bouchard, iphotokunst, @hannejonas, @danielwencel, @roblayton_iphoneography, and @_g.vale.

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The theme of this weeks photo challenge is ‘Love and Affection’. For this challenge think about capturing those tender moments of love and affection, portraits of loved ones, or moments of quiet contemplation.

To enter the challenge simply start sharing your best images on the theme of ‘Love and Affection’ that were taken and edited with a smartphone by using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_153 on Instagram.

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The power of simplicity

The power of simplicity‘ by @sundancer17 – “I always was attracted to water, and the Bavaria region in Germany is not only famous for Octoberfest, but it’s also a good place to visit if you enjoy lakes and beautiful mountains. Normally I’d go skiing during winter, so I never really knew how beautiful the lake can be during this time. But since the ski resorts are all closed now, I took this opportunity to do something new. It was a cloudy day; snowing with big snowflakes. When we got to the lake it was moody and foggy and oh so quiet and peaceful. I enjoyed a really long walk, took a bunch of pictures until my phone battery died, and it was so worth it! One of my favorite images I took, is also the simplest one of all: a lonely boat, on what appears to be an endless lake. No horizon, no top or bottom, just a boat and the snowflakes.”ushi

A wave

A wave‘ by @alice1280 – “Most mornings we go for a walk on the beach in front of our house and I go prepared to get wet. I paddle along in the shallows and try to photograph waves and waves hitting rocks explosions. I don’t have a waterproof case for my phone and occasionally it tells me that it has detected moisture and can’t be charged. One day I might get knocked over and let go.

The water was a muddy colour this day so I decided to convert this wave to black and white in Snapseed. Kept going until it was really dark and moody.”

Out of the Borders

Out of the Borders‘ by @in.divisi.on – “This photo was captured in Crimea, when I started my travels. It talks to me: don’t be scared about limits, your life is an infinity ocean.

I edit my photos in Snapseed and made some minor edits.”

A little simplicity in this world of craziness

A little simplicity in this world of craziness‘ by @amanzottifoto – “The image was shot above my house on lake of Como, Italy. I loved the reflection of the lone cow in the water. That is what attracted my attention. I processed the image with Snapseed and Mextures.”

Calm water

Calm water‘ by @miakbh – ” This shot was taken on an early and quiet morning at the North Harbour of Copenhagen. The calm water made the reflections from the buildings stand out so clean and calm. Perfect for a minimalist shot. ”

have you ever seen the rain

have you ever seen the rain‘ by @jawdoc2 – “It rains a lot in Vancouver, also known as Raincouver (haha). So making the most of the wet weather, I try get out on rainy days to see what’s out there, puddles, reflections etc. Sitting in my car, I noticed the raindrops on the window and how they made cool reflections within each droplet. As these people walked by, I took a few shots through the window, using my iPhone XS Max, and was pleased with the results.

Using Snapseed, I decided to change too black and white and create this high contrast work.”


Untitled‘ by @persiflagepics – “I shot this on my iPhone 11 through the watery frosted window of my local cafe.

I love the way the condensation forms when it’s cold outside and warm in. I also love how the droplets form and run down the glass it creates this wonderfully abstract pattern to shoot through.

The tricky bit is to get the passing image outside in focus as to see through the small gaps in the condensation on the window means you need to hold the phones camera lens very close which makes the focus bounce around different surfaces. So it’s a bit hit and miss as you take the shot, but I really like that. Never quite sure or in control of what you get.

I shot a few frames as I sipped my coffee and really liked this one. Slightly abstracted but still keeping its form. I really liked the water, frosty, condensation effect, all of which comes together to create, I think, quite a visceral and striking image.

I posted it on Snapseed. Created a rich monochrome look, pushed the contrast, and deepened the black shadows. I pushed the highlights a little to give the water effect on the glass a punchier feel. This also added a nice clarity to the ‘stripes’ caused by the droplets that run down the window.

I really like this image. It’s stylised yet has a good reality to it. I think I cropped it a little bit to get the water stripes nicely balanced in frame, and also, to focus the subject a bit more.”

Reflective Reflections

Reflective Reflections‘ by @jschack1818 – “This little tidal flat is about 5 minutes from my house. On days with a good sunrise, you can see for miles across the flat, and catch some good reflections on a high tide. It has to be winter though; in summer and spring the sunrise is way off to the left, and the tides of winter allow for the perfect water conditions for reflections, and the bay grasses allow for some protection from the wind. I took this with my Samsung Galaxy S7 active in Pro mode settings which allows for adjusting of F-stops, ISO, and shutter speed. I use the app “Snapseed” to crop, straighten my horizon (if needed), and to adjust my contrast if needed.
“The best camera is the one you have in your hand.””

Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre‘ by @saminnnimas – “This was taken at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, home to one of the largest Kreisel tanks in world.

A father cherishes his son’s fascination over the hypnotic dance of the Pacific sea nettles. The changing colours of the lighting and the alien like movements of the pacific sea nettles is a treat to watch and a great place for some creative photo shoots

I used Lightroom mobile and Snapseed to change the colours and create a dream like effect.”

Rosée du matin (Morning dew)

Rosée du matin (Morning dew)‘ by @camhaynes22 – “I enjoy capturing beads of water. It doesn’t matter to me if they are dew drops, rain drops, melting snow or ice. Each drop is different: the shape, size, colour refraction, even the texture underneath magnified within.

We have a couple maple trees in our garden and fallen leaves collect dew nicely. Especially the over turned ones. I was able to move this leaf a good distance. From the ground where I found it all the way up to the patio table on my deck, without losing all these lovely dew drops.

Why wreck my knees or back bending and squatting down? Why get wet kneeling in the grass? I much rather sit comfortably on a dry chair, at a table with my coffee at my side. Much more comfortable and easier to move around my subject to find the perfect perspective and the best light for these tiny water pearls.

Photographed and edited on Samsung Galaxy S7 (no flash, no tripod). Minimally edited with SnapSeed. I never recall the specific edits I might have made. It just happens.”


Untitled‘ by @robinrobertis – “This photo was taken a while ago with my iPhone 5 (yes I still use it!) with the Optrix case. It was my favorite underwater case because of the ability to change out lenses. I loved the fish eye. Unfortunately, the company went out of business, So that’s what I use!

My niece, who is the model in this shot, grew up with a professional photographer as a father, so modelling is in her blood. When she visits, I usually toss her in the pool and let her do her thing. I used Snapseed for the edits along with Hipstamatic and Blender.”

Many hands…

Many hands…‘ by @sombra_y_luz – “The iconic and tactile water wall / window at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is an oft-photographed place. I love to watch people’s’ interaction with it and each time I visit the gallery, I like to try and capture a different aspect of it (it’s my own little challenge, that I give myself).

On this particular day, this group of girls caught my eye as they interacted it. I find this place and the way people connect with it, endlessly fascinating.”


Boundaries‘ by @laurence__bouchard

Lake St. Moritz

Lake St. Moritz‘ by @iphotokunst

I m a g i n æ r

I m a g i n æ r‘ by @hannejonas – “The beautiful red and brown colored wharfs reflecting in the blue water (and sky) was impossible to pass by without shooting. To make the picture even more effectful I used the iPhones standard filter: Lively warm that gave a rich blue sky and river, a nice contrast to the red/brown tones. Further on I «mirrored» the warehouses vertical using the app: SKRWT (PRVW). This gave the shot a very minimal composition and strong sense of colors.”


Untitled‘ by @danielwencel – “This photo was taken during pandemic holiday in Turkey with Samsung Galaxy Xcover4 and edited with Snapseed.”

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light ..” – DT

‘“Rage, rage against the dying of the light ..” – DT‘ by @roblayton_iphoneography


Untitled‘ by @_g.vale

Don’t forget…

The theme of this weeks photo challenge is ‘Love and Affection’. For this challenge think about capturing those tender moments of love and affection, portraits of loved ones, or moments of quiet contemplation.

To enter the challenge simply start sharing your best images on the theme of ‘Love and Affection’ that were taken and edited with a smartphone by using the hashtag #mobiography_challenge_153 on Instagram.

The best ones will be featured in the next photo challenge showcase, so get sharing now.

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