This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group profiles a selection of photographs that make clever use of symmetry in their compositions.

From Connie Gardner Rosenthal’s colourful Beach Chairs image to Marco Lamberto’s black and white street scene, all images featured here show that by breaking the rule of third guidelines you can create clever compositions that are both interesting, well balanced and that draw the viewers eye into the photograph.

Featured mobile photographers and artists include Gianluca Ricoveri, aratrikag, Tania Konnerth, Chris Feichtner, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Marco Lamberto, Mateusz Sawicki, Cássio José Silva, Shel Serkin and Cocu Liu.

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gianluca ricoveri

Untitled‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri – “I took this photo at sunset in the hills on the road to Volterra, Tuscany with the app Fusion, the editing was done with Snapseed and Stackables.”

Inside Westmount Square


Inside Westmount Square‘ by aratrikag – “I was inside a mall, and noticed this glass area in the ceiling. I really like lines, silhouettes and patterns in photos, and I noticed how well the lines of the ceiling stood out against the bright background. Not only that, you could also see the windows in the building outside. I liked the contrast between the darker, obvious lines of the ceiling, and the more faded lines of the building outside, and thought this would be best shown in black and white.
It was processed using the VSCO Cam app B4 preset.”

Pair of snails

tania konnerth

Pair of snails‘ by Tania Konnerth – “I admit: I just love snails! I admire their fragility and tenderness, their own special beauty and I adore their cute little houses (sometimes I wished I had one for me, too). Until now I always took pictures of snails outside in the garden, but for this photo I took a pair of them inside. I set them together on my table and quickly shot some pictures with Hipstamatic (sergio + blanko 1). They were such great models! After only minutes I was satisfied with the output and brought them back, where I had found them. No additional editing. ”

In the Distance

chris feichtner

In the Distance‘ by Chris Feichtner – “I took the photo at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. What I wanted to express with the photo is, that the awful things that have happened during the time in WWII are, on one hand, in the distance (in time) but on the other hand still present. The (timely) distance is expressed by the person, the presence today on the other hand, by the massive piles.

The photo is a three image HDR created from three bracketed shots with Pureshot, which I then merged into HDR using Pro HDR X. The black and white conversion was done with ios8 and I chose black and white as I believe it emphasizes both, the massive piles and the person in the background.”

Beach Chairs

connie gardner rosenthal

Beach Chairs‘ by Connie Gardner Rosenthal – “‘Beach Chairs’ was taken at Rancho Pescadero, about an hour and a half from Cabo san Lucas in Mexico. The beaches are expansive and serene and often empty.

I took this photo on a beach walk. This is a Hipstamatic shot taken with Lens and Blanko Freedom13 film that I cropped and tuned in Snapseed. Photo Toaster and Lens Light were used for highlights and effects. ”

She’s not coming

marco lamberto

She’s not coming‘ by Marco Lamberto – “I was waiting for some friends near the Duomo in Milan when I’ve spotted the guy on the right. I found interesting the advertising panel in the middle splitting the scene then I’ve started waiting for a proper combination.

Once selected the final image I’ve done basic pre-processing via Adobe PS Express (clarity, contrast, shadows, noise reduction and sharpening). The black and white conversion was made with Snapseed which become again my favourite bnw app soon after the 2.0 release. I’ve used a lot the selective tool for getting black stronger.”

We are like giants.

mateusz sawicki

We are like giants‘ by Mateusz Sawicki – “This image was taken with the iPhone camera app, edited with Enlight app to give black and white colours with better contrast.”


cassio jose silva

Airplane‘ by Cássio José Silva – “The photo was taken when I was traveling to Rio de Janeiro. I live in Brazil and was going there for a business meeting. Usually I sit in the window, but this flight was only aisle seat.

At one point I saw a light that was coming through the windows and found it interesting. When I was taking the picture, a person stood up and became more cool. I used the iPhone 6 Plus, the App ProCamera 6.2 and did the post processing in Snapseed 2.0. Sorry an error, but my native language is Portuguese and I do not usually write in English. If felt necessary, please make the necessary corrections !!”

11:13 AM “Jo”

Shel Serkin

11:13 AM “Jo”‘ by Shel Serkin


cocu liu

timetravelchicago‘ by Cocu Liu

Which was your favourite?

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