This weeks selection of mobile photography showcases 10 amazing iPhone photos that feature shadows and silhouettes. There is something special about photographing shadows and silhouettes, maybe its the harsh contrast between light and dark or the shapes and patterns they make. This weeks showcase features mobile photographers Julia Nathanson, Ross Mannion, Lee Atwell, Armineh Hovanesian, Richard Pilon, Mateusz Sawicki, Matt Austen, e_rnst and Alexander Munoz.

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Photo by Julia Nathanson

Sinking‘ by Julia Nathanson – “This photo was taken in Toronto’s Kensington Market on one of the first warm days of spring. I noticed this man’s shadow as he walked past me and snapped. The resulting image gave me the impression he was sinking into the ground. Shot with Oggl (Savannah lens/Blackeys XF film) – no further processing. ”

Bara Tullamore, Ireland

Photo by by Ross Mannion

Bara Tullamore, Ireland‘ by Ross Mannion – “So this is Bara. She is a 10 month old German Shepherd pup and a real handful! The photo was taken a few weeks back when we had some really nice sunshine, hence the shadows. I have to throw an eye outside every so often to make sure she is behaving herself. Just a couple of days ago she dropped a rabbit at my feet (Thankfully it was still alive and just resting in her mouth!). The photo was taken one such time. I had looked out my bedroom window and realised I liked the perspective and the contrast between the area shaded by the house and the sunlight gravel. With her & her shadow being black I thought it was interesting so took the shot in Oggl using the Akira lens & BlacKeys Supergrain film. I then cropped it in Filterstorm Neue as I wanted to get rid of the border and that was pretty much that.”


Photo by Lee Atwell

California‘ by Lee Atwell – “This photo was taken at the ‘Board Walk’ in Santa Cruz, California. It was a particularly busy time as it was the Easter weekend coinciding with spring break for many schools and universities. Sometimes when I am in urban settings taking photos I can find crowds overwhelming as I find it hard to be able to see interesting photo opportunities because of the closeness of all the people and action.

At times like this, I often look for areas where I can separate myself from the throngs, such as in this photo where I climbed part way up stairs that led to one of the carnival rides to capture this perspective.

I appreciate taking photos in California as there is a special light there that can be intense and I enjoy being able to capture the strong shadows it provides.
I used the ‘Hipstamatic’ app with Wonder Lens and BlacKeys XF Film for it’s high contrast effect. To add texture I used ‘Stackables’ and ‘Mextures’ and then took it back to black and white with ‘Snapseed.’”

Day 118 – Ten O’clock Shadow

Photo by Armineh Hovanesian

Day 118 – Ten O’clock Shadow‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “Working in an office, it’s necessary to step outside for a few minutes to unwind. This shot was taken at 10am while I was taking a walk around the building. I couldn’t resist the shadow! The image was shot with my iPhone 6 with Oggl.”

The photographer

Photo by Richard Pilon

The photographer‘ by Richard Pilon – “I was taking some silhouette shots inside Toronto’s Skywalk when a photographer stopped nearby to take some photos. He then passed in front of me while checking the result of his shots. I shot this image using Hipstamatic and converted to black and white with Snapseed.”


Photo by  Mateusz Sawicki

Untitled‘ by Mateusz Sawicki – “This image was taken in my town, K?dzierzyn-Ko?le (Poland), while exploring an abandoned building. Sun was shining with perfect angle through the window. This place was so unique that all I have to do was capture it with my iPhone and do some simple correction in iPhone build-in editor.”


Photo by  matt austen

Untitled‘ by Matt Austen – “I was wandering the streets of Edinburgh over Easter and this chap with a top hat popped out in front of me. It made for a good silhouette amongst the busy street activity and harsh afternoon light. In regards to the processing of the photo – it was taken in hipstamatic, then converted to black and white on my iphone.”


Photo by e_rnst

Untitled‘ by e_rnst

Photo by e_rnst

Untitled‘ by e_rnst

Shadow of simple joy

Photo by  Alexander Munoz

Shadow of simple joy‘ by Alexander Munoz

Which was your favourite?

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