The theme of this week’s Mobiography Flickr group showcase is winter which in view of the time of year and that the east coast of America is currently experiencing some harsh snow storms, it seems rather appropriate.

The photos in this week’s showcase illustrate how different photographers have approached the subject of snow and winter scenes. From Sina’s motion blur inspired driving shot to David DeNagel’s black and white snow covered stone bench.

Featured photographers this week include Shel Serkin, Sina, Cary Larrabee, Olycow, nheco, Julia Nathanson, Bridget, Michaela Meerkatz, David DeNagel and James Green.

Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s showcase? Let us know which in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

hello winter!

Photo by sina

hello winter!‘ by Sina – “I took that photo on my way to work during the first major snow fall of 2016 in Toronto. My inspiration was to capture the atmosphere and dynamics of the morning commute in Toronto during a major snow-storm. The photo was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus using the SlowShutter app and processed with Snapseed. ”


photo by nheco

????‘ by nheco – “I took this picture during a ski trip. This was taken with iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic’s RayMark II Lens and AO DLX film. Some edits were made using Snapseed.”

Humbert street

Photo by Julia Nathanson

Humbert street‘ by Julia Nathanson – “Humbert Street, in Toronto. Shot and edited with Hipstamatic.”


Photo by Michaela Meerkatz

Lines‘ by Michaela Meerkatz – “I took this photo with my iPhone 6 sitting in a chairlift in Southern Italy’s Abbruzzi region where I was skiing. It has been shot with Hipstamatic. As I wanted to enhance the black and white contrasts, I chose Hornbecker lens, Rock BW-11 film and Triple Crown flash without any further changes of settings.”

The Stone Bench

Photo by David DeNagel

The Stone Bench‘ by David DeNagel – “This image was taken after the first snow of the season where I live. It was photographed at a nearby lake, early in the morning, at around sunrise. I composed the shot, isolating the snow covered bench against the diagonal line of the mist covered lake. I looked for a framing that would evoke the simplicity of the composition while highlighting the textures and shadows in the image. There is almost a sculptural feel about the photo. The bright reflection of the rising sun on the water added balance. For me, the image evokes solitude; a sense of isolation; a meditation, perhaps, on the disparity of the dark, wispy, sun touched lake and the white, frozen, land locked bench.

I used a Moment wide angle lens on an iPhone 6s Plus. I shot with the basic camera app. I felt black & white would augment the graphic nature of the image. I post processed in VSCO, B3 preset ,with some finishing adjustments in Snapseed.”

Weekly Challenge 51 – winter Tree

Photo by James Green

Weekly Challenge 51 – winter Tree‘ by James Green – “This image was taken as part of my 52 weeks project, the challenge being winter tree, it was taken in the grounds of Calke Abbey, south Derbyshire. I was using a iPhone 6 and then processed it using the Snapseed app.”

My Name Is Jonas

Photo by Shel Serkin

My Name Is Jonas‘ by Shel Serkin

Let It Snow

Photo by Cary Larrabee

Let it snow‘ by Cary Larrabee

On the early mutt walk

Photo by Olycow

on the early mutt walk‘ by olycow


Photo by **BrIdGeT**

imagination‘ by **BrIdGeT**

Which was your favourite?

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