The theme of this weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcase looks at iPhone photos that use lines and curves in their compositions. Lines are an excellent way to lead the viewers eye into a photo and direct them towards your intended subject. The photos in this weeks showcase illustrate this beautifully from Steve Vu’s VSCOcam styled landscape with railway line perspective to the clever use of framing of staircases from Tomasz Olszewski, Remi, Dani Salvadori and Atif manzoor.

Featured photographers include Tomaso Belloni, Atif manzoor, Steve Vu, Albion Harrison-Naish, Tomasz Olszewski, Marzia Bellini, Scott Simpson, Remi and Dani Salvadori.

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Tomaso BelloniGrowing‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “The EXPO 2015 in Milan is a terrific location for photographs. Having spent a full day there I managed to take 500 pictures. The clear blue sky helped, especially when dealing with a building featuring a range of hues of blue. This is one of the example of abstract shapes that you can find there if you avoid standard snapshots and experiment with composition.

I took the photo with my iPhone6’s default camera, made basic editing then imported it into oggl and chose the Lowy Lens and the Ina’s 1982 film.”


Atif manzoorTriangle………..‘ by Atif manzoor – “I went to my friend’s apartment and when I arrived at his apartment I was taking a photo of the view. I did not like the photo I took, so I turned back and started looking down from the stairs. At that moment I saw these lines in a triangle shape so I took a photo of this. The basic difference between the two pictures was that in the case of triangles I had this image in my mind before I even actually taking the photo.”


Steve VuDestination‘ by Steve Vu – “This photograph came about as a result of a sunrise photoshoot. My friend and I woke up early to capture moments that people take for granted. Waking up in the morning does have its benefits! The photo is processed using VSCOCAM to make slight adjustments to the exposure of the photo.”


Albion Harrison-Naishuntitled‘ by Albion Harrison-Naish – “One lovely sunny winter’s day a few months back I went for a small walk in the evening. After walking along the beach and then back along the promenade I remembered that there was an ice rink set up on the forecourt to the Bondi Pavilion.

I’ve taken this from under the colonnaded walkway on the front of the Pavilion because I wanted to get the ocean behind the ice rink to clearly locate it at the beach. Otherwise, it was just a matter of waiting for when there were a few of the typical ice skaters in frame. We have the kid being pushed on one of those penguins, another almost stacking it, someone resting against the fence and lastly a watcher.

The photo was taken with the Hipstamatic app on an Iphone 5s with the Lowy lens and the AO BW film and is straight from the camera. ”

Up !

Tomasz OlszewskiUp!‘ by Tomasz Olszewski – “I shot this photo in old house in Sopot, Poland during a walk with my friends. This was taken with iPhone 6 and edited in VSCOCam with a6 preset.”


Marzia BelliniConcentration‘ by Marzia Bellini – “This photo has been taken during an ’empty museum’, an event in which a bunch of photographers are invited to a private visit in a Museum. This shot was made inside GAM Milano (Milano’s Museum of Modern Art). I took the picture slightly underexposed to keep all the details; then I processed it in photoshop changing the exposure to bright it up and using noise reduction to further increase quality. After this I opened the resulting image in VSCO to enhance it using LV1 and adjusting temperature to a more warm color (LV1 tends to give a more cool like and I prefer image overall a bit equilibrated in tones).”

Geometry of Freedom

Marzia BelliniGeometry of Freedom‘ by Marzia Bellini – “This is a ‘looking up’ shot of the Freedom Tower in New York, which I took this past September. I liked very much the geometries of the windows and shoot it already thinking that I would have edited it in black and white. As the previous image I have enhanced the brightness and exposure in Photoshop Express and then I applied a black and white filter in VSCO, adding further contrast.”

Woolwich Foot tunnel, London

Scott SimpsonWoolwich Foot tunnel, London‘ by Scott Simpson – “I’ve been desperate to walk along the woolwich foot tunnel for ages after seeing loads of interesting photos on Flickr.

This was shot on the iphone6 with minimal editing in snapseed, to be honest I’m not 100% happy with this picture (not particularly sharp) as I was in a bit of a rush when I was in the tunnel as it’s a bit of a strange place and I felt a bit paranoid being down there with only a few other people walking through it, all in all though it is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.”

Going down

RemiGoing down‘ by Remi – “The photo was taken in Belfast, Victoria Square Shopping centre. There is an observation point where you can go with the lift. That what we did, but just to go down we came to these stairs which attracted my attention straight away. So this is a story of this photo. In terms of editing it was converted and cropped in snapseed and added some contrast.”

Street Safari, St Paul’s to Bank

Dani SalvadoriStreet Safari, St Paul’s to Bank‘ by Dani Salvadori – “I took this photograph in the New Change shipping centre opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in London on a Street Safari photomeet. I used an iPhone 5S with the new Hipstamatic 300 while in a moving glass lift. I then processed it using the Rockstar preset.”

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