This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr group highlights ten photos that make excellent use of leading lines and perspective within their compositions. From Remigijus Stirby’s urban car park scene to Marco Lamberto’s clever use of reflections and lines created on a moving walkway all images draw the viewers eye into the photograph and towards the subject.

Featured photographers this week include Remigijus Stirbys, Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak, Marco Lamberto, Marzia Bellini, Ros Mannion, Bahadir Kutlak, José Nunes and Charlie Little.

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Before the busy day

Photo by 2men2vans

Before the busy day‘ by Remigijus Stirbys – “I came to the car park of shopping centre, it was a Monday morning and the shops were still closed. Usually you can not see the lines as there is always a lot of cars obstructing the view. The lines attracted my eyes and spent few minutes to see how better to frame.

Post processing was done on Snapseed, This is the main application I’m using for post processing. First was I cropped. So I added a HDR effect slightly, tonal contrast and went through the tune image settings”

The way home

Photo by 2men2vans

The way home‘ by Remigijus Stirbys – “We were driving outside the town when I noticed a field with the tracks of a tractor across it. I couldn’t pass without stopping and trying to get a shot. It wasn’t easy to reach the field. The first thing that attracted my attention was an abandoned castle at the end of the field but there was a sign restricting access to it so I was little bit upset. I started to look for other photo opportunities and noticed the house at the end of the track… this is what you can see on my photo.

Post processing was done in Snapseed. First I added a drama effect to make the clouds a bit more dramatic as it was cloudy day, next I increased the colors.”


Waldemar Błażej Nowak

Untitled‘ by Waldemar Błażej Nowak – “This shot was processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset, Reflect and PS Express.”



Ghosts‘ by Marco Lamberto – “Taking pictures with a phone is useful for getting different points of view and accessing tight spaces not reachable with bulkier cameras. I took this picture by putting it between two fencing glasses of an escalator. Each surface contributed with a reflection giving this ghostly effect on people passing by. The edit was made with Adobe Photoshop Express (clarity, contrast, shadows, vibrance) and completed with VSCO Cam.”

Not the Empire State Building

Photo by Marzia Bellini

Not the Empire State Building‘ by Marzia Bellini


Photo by Ross Mannion

Sugarloaf‘ by Ross Mannion

No Farmer, No Cows & No Crop Anymore

Photo by Ross Mannion

No Farmer, No Cows & No Crop Anymore‘ by Ross Mannion

Marmaray metro


Marmaray metro‘ by Bahadir Kutlak

Magical sunset light crossing Guincho sand dunes

Photo by Jose Nunes

magical sunset light crossing Guincho sand dunes‘ by José Nunes


Photo by Charlie Little

Workington‘ by Charlie Little

Which was your favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks showcase? Let us know your thoughts on the featured photos in the comments below.

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