This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group features nine beautiful examples of mobile art. From Sandra Becker’s colourful collage of imagery, expertly blended together into one beautiful work of art to Kate Hailey’s tiny world outlook on a Dubai seascape. All images featured this week illustrate the power there is when you combine mobile photography, with apps and creative vision.

Featured artists this week include Sandra Becker, Kate Hailey, Carolyn Hall Young, Angie Lambert, Mariette Schrijver, Before.1st.Light, Jormain Cady, Giulia Baita and Clint Cline.

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Calling Forth Minds Beauty

photo by Sandra Becker

Calling Forth Minds Beauty‘ by Sandra Becker – “ProCamera photos processed using iColorama and Procreate. (1 butterfly image is R.F. googled) on the iPad Pro L with Apple Pencil.”

A little twist on the Burj Al Arab

Kate Hailey

A little twist on the Burj Al Arab‘ by Kate Hailey – “Having recently relocated to Dubai from the US, I wanted to capture some of the awesome architecture in Dubai. Along with that spend a quiet morning at the beach. On this day I got up around 4am so that I could arrive at the beach long before sunrise. I captured images with my iPhone 6+ and my Fuji XT-1.

The beginning of this image was a panorama. Panorama’s on their own have this broad sweeping story they tell. While that original view was beautiful, I felt a desire to have a little fun with my edit of this image. I used the Circular + app to create a tiny world, sometimes referred to as tiny planet. This app works best with images that are wider, like panorama’s. From there I pumped up the colours and added some texture via Mextures. ”

Photo Booth Memories, with Raven: Deb Diz Fearo

Carolyn Hall Young

Photo Booth Memories, with Raven: Deb Diz Fearo‘ by Carolyn Hall Young – “This image started with a very large collection of real, vintage, and mainly black and white, Photo Booth strips, amassed over a lifetime, by a friend, Deborah Diz Fearon. They represent about 50 years of her colorful life.

I assembled each stage of the composite, in iColorama, adding in each strip, one at a time. I masked, painted into, and blended, each individual frame, multiple times. I reworked one frame at a time, and then moved the individual frames around, until they worked together. I may have used some Procreate, but the bulk of the work would have been done in iColorama. The combination of these two great apps can usually cover all of what I am trying to accomplish.

Most of the frames combine several images of Deb, from different years, some utilize several poses from the same strip. The last frame, with the raven, a nod to the present time, was not taken from the Photo Booth strips. It is a mobile photograph of a specific raven, who made his home, recently, on Deb’s “Broken Shovel Ranch,” in northern New Mexico, USA.

I was attempting to make each frame (within the larger image) work independently, as well as making whole piece as cohesive as I could. I also wanted to maintain some of the spirit of the nostalgia of the old, coin-operated Photo Booths.

This piece was done as a birthday present for Deb. It was a challenge, and I enjoyed the experimentation in it. Since this was completed, I have taken some of the individual cells, and taken them in different directions – more painterly, and less photographic.

This work was done on a 12.9″ iPad Pro, using the Apple Pencil, mostly if not completely in iColorama. Even though iColorama is not yet optimized for the pressure sensitivity of the Pencil, the palm rejection and the accuracy of the Pencil, in painting and in masking, made it easier for me to achieve these results. ”

Spring Recital

Angie Lambert

Spring Recital – Performed by the Brunette Nested Birds in synchrony with the Brush, Pin, Tease, and Spray Quartet.‘ by Angie Lambert – “If ever an image emerges from a cocoon swirled of serendipity, this one is it for me. Even now, when I look at it, I smile.

Not only do I clearly see that I look much more like my mother than I ever thought possible, but also I consider that if she were still living, this must be her profile. The sense of thick, disheveled hair would mirror us to one another as well, though red hair would signify her while brunette tresses I bare.

As I sat in the kitchen, after breakfast had been washed from the dishes, early one morning I held the iPhone awkwardly in my left hand and captured my profile. I wasn’t feeling particularly creative. I was more so busying myself and missing of my mom, having baked her trademark buttermilk biscuits for breakfast.

I moved the image in and out of several apps (Formulas, Mextures, FocalLab, Repix, Stackables, and Over).

I felt like it was finished, but needed a title and story. Storytelling is something the comes, after the image reveals. I looked at the image and considered my morning. It was much like a recital. The stage was strewn with springtime, sunshine warming the room through windows, chirping birds, and comforting memories of my mom as even in her absence she still provides me nourishment.

She loved to dance, sing, and be incredibly playful at the most inopportune times when only laughter would save the moment.

For all these reasons and through the tender halls of life that mobile photography brings us, carries us, and lights the way, I offer Spring Recital to you. I hope she touches your creative heart and kindles something special.”

At the Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Giulia Baita

At the Exhibition of Contemporary Art‘ by Giulia Baita – “I took this picture in Nuoro (Sardinia) in October 2015. I was in the MAN museum to see an exhibition dedicated to Vivian Maier. The first exhibition in Italy. I photographed one of the museum’s rooms where people were looking at the pictures absorbed in their thoughts. Each one with itself… I’ve taken with Slow Shutter and then edited with Brushstroke and Alayer.”

Eye on eye

Mariette Schrijver

Eye on eye‘ by Mariette Schrijver

When she cries she cuts me

Before 1st Light

When she cries she cuts me‘ by Before.1st.Light

Take two

Jormain Cady

Take two‘ by Jormain Cady

Heaven’s Gate

Clint Cline

Heaven’s Gate‘ by Clint Cline

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