The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography looks at photos that use lines, shape and patterns within their compositions.

From Jian Wang’s use of lines and curves in his closely cropped ‘Man in the Rain’ photo to kapa1966 use of perspective lines and a low point of view, all photos in this weeks showcase illustrate how we can use the lines, curves and patterns that exist in our surroundings to create compelling compositions.

Featured photographers this week include; kapa1966, bartekparzyszek, elsa_alex, Emil S, faedmoufti, justanotherdayin, Lee Shin, Jian Wang, taheryasir and Joel Worthington.

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Autumn on the pier


Autumn on the pier‘ by kapa1966 – “I often enjoy Nordic walking, and this photo has taken during one of my walk. I was shooting into the sun and knew that the people would appear in silhouette in high contrast. I walked closer and saw the one, the only leaf on the pier. At that moment I realized that the fall will be the main theme. Of course, Leaf has become the most important. The rest are just additions to the main topic. I converted  the photo to black and white in the Snapseed in “dramatic” preset and “black and white” in high contrast with red filter. ”

Co? za mn? chodzi


Co? za mn? chodzi‘ by bartekparzyszek – “I heard about this place in Dresden earlier, it was one of the places where I wanted to go in this city. I thought that it would be very interesting place and it could give me some great opportunities to take pictures. The building was interesting because of its unique shape. I really wanted to use it and combine it with a model and light. I hope it made it work”



#lightexpts‘ by elsa_alex – “This picture is part of a series I have been putting together in Instagram called light experiments, hence #lightexpts. It’s a simple, visual record of the many forms and shapes of light traveling through matter and how it ultimately affects our perception of things and of our own body. It was shot on an IPhone 6 and processed with Instagram, slightly forcing shadows and temperature.”

Through the roof


Through the roof‘ by Emil S – “The background story to the image is that it is of a shopping ceiling at the Cap 3000 shopping center, near Nice France. I just liked the harmony of the lines, the warm and soft feeling of the colors and tones of the wood and the sunny blue sky providing feeling of a different space. To be honest it felt a bit as looking through the window of a wooden spacecraft from the 70s.”



Untitled‘ by faedmoufti – “Among other subjects, I like to take photographs of pattern in all shapes. I was at a furniture gallery and saw a lamp and found an interesting pattern to shoot, so I took a close shot using my iPhone 6s+. I adjusted the photo and changed it to greyscale with some minimal other adjustment.  ”

Just another day


Pause‘ by justanotherdayin – “This was taken at the Richard Serra exhibition in the Gagosian Gallery, London. My friend Wendy and I were wandering through the NJ-2 sculpture, and by chance ended up chatting to the older gentleman seen in the photograph. He shared his idea for a double exposure photograph and expressed regret about not having a camera with him. I offered to take the photograph with Wendy and him, so that he may have a memento of his idea. The theme for Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project for seeing doubles was on my mind, and I liked the tension created by the juxtaposition of the dissimilar ‘mirror’ figures across the strong diagonal line of Serra’s sculpture.

On processing, I used a Moment wide lens on my iPhone 6s, and the photo was then edited in VSCO to adjust the tone and exposure to create the mood I was after.”

Love? Dream?


Love? Dream?‘ by Lee Shin

Man in the rain


Man in the rain‘ by Jian Wang – “Man in the rain was taken in Beijing, China. In July, the rain lasted 3 days and nights, transforming Beijing to a capital of water. I was in a shopping mall for shelter, and got captured by the nice curve of the deck. I structured the picture through my mobile camera, so that the curve ends and extends at the two opposite corners; just like a bow, full of tension. Meanwhile, there is a strong contrast between the straight-line chairs and round tables, the dark grey wooden deck as it got so wet, and the light grey tiled floor. Last but not least, I was hoping for a passenger to walk past the right spot, who would best be dressed in black, to help complete the picture with the surface – line – dot elements, and black – grey – white tones. Finally, I had this man. The photo was later retouched via VSCO, processed to black and white; simpler, yet wonderful and forceful. ”



Untitled‘ by taheryasir – “This photo was shot with Galaxy S7 Edge and processed in VSCOCam.”

Lake Point Tower


Lake Point Tower‘ by Joel Worthington – “I took this on an instameet with the Chicago Architecture Foundation and igerschicago. This is Lake Point Tower, which is a famous Chicago condo building overlooking Navy Pier and Lake Michigan. It was built by students of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who is famous for his lines and minimalistic approach to architecture. All tenants have unobstructed lake views thanks to its unique Y-shape. I took this at the end of our tour of their rooftop restaurant Cité and was lucky to have some time to linger and look up. In post-processing, I used VSCO and Lightroom to pull out the lines a bit and amplify the monochrome blue. “

Which was your favourite?

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