This week’s showcase of mobile photography looks at 10 inspiring iPhone photos that all make use of leading lines at key elements in their compositions.

From Neal Kumar’s fantastic suspension bridge scene to Mimo Khair’s use of a low point view and silhouette to create leading lines from a fence in her beachside sunrise photo. All photos in this week’s showcase illustrate how we can use lines to great effect within a composition to direct the eye towards the subject.

Featured photographers this week include; Jim Perdue, Luison, Mimo Khair, noctislucidus, myby_one, Neal Kumar, or_native, sonnyeatworld, Arpixa and geek1956

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Perfect sky replacement


Perfect sky replacement‘ by Jim Perdue – “This photo was taken on a recent trip to San Simeon, California. The photo is a composite (of sorts) – Shot with my iPhone 6 native camera and edited with Snapseed. The sky, clouds, and sun were added using SkyLab app by Brain Fever Media.”

My Daily Reflection


My Daily Reflection‘ by Luison – “This picture was shot on my iPhone 6S Plus and was edited using Snapseed and Mextures.

The background is simple: I love to capture reflections, as well as I love to shoot candid pictures on the streets. So I always wander around looking for puddles or any surface that reflects something interesting. I came across this long but narrow puddle by the sidewalk, in Ayamonte, a small town in the south of Spain. The buildings on the left were in the shadow, those on the right were lit by the sunlight. The girl is my middle daughter Martina pushing our new baby Daniela’s pram. I kneeled down and saw that there was a beautiful, long and deep perspective thanks to the narrowness of the street, the sidewalk and the reflection, which multiplied the effect. I didn’t hesitate and shot the picture. ”

The reckoning


The reckoning‘ by Mimo Khair – “This photo was taken in Sardinia near the town of Stintino, on a bridge leading to la pelosa, a very popular turquoise water stretch of beach. I tried going to the spot but found it impossibly crowded at all times of day. So I decided to go before sunrise to shoot there. Four children in our family, ages 8 to 13, who were traveling with us were inspired to join at 5 am. We had the beach to ourselves. Upon seeing the bridge, and the light of dawn, this image was an obvious and inspiring result for us. It ended up as a mini lesson in leading lines for the little photography enthusiasts 🙂

I took this photo was taken with the front camera of iPhone 6 and edited with Snapseed. ”

Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even


Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even‘ by noctislucidus – “I took this photo in a park some time ago. When I’ve found a bridge that long enough to make a leading lines shot, I started to open a camera app in my phone and take some pictures with it. When I started to editing this photos, it took a while what I’m gonna do with it. Then I started playing with it in SKRWT app and mirroring it. And finally I’ve found an inspiration, I wanna make this photos like a long tunnel. After that, I’m edit this photos in Snapseed, make some adjustments like turning it into black and white. And I’ve just found this image lack of something more dramatic and more live in it. Then I’m edit this photo again with PicsArt and just adding a lens flare then I’m posting it in my Instagram with a quote from a Roman poet, Horace. Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem that’s mean “Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even” it seems matched with the photos.
And the funny thing is, I do this work with an Android phone that cost less than $99 a Xiaomi Redmi 2 it’s not a powerful phone with only 1GB of RAM but it has a decent 8MP camera and I’m happy with the results.”



Untitled‘ by myby_one

One of many suspension bridges in Vancouver


One of many suspension bridges in Vancouver‘ by Neal Kumar



Untitled‘ by or_native



Untitled‘ by sonnyeatworld

Into the light


Into the light‘ by Arpixa



Tunnel‘ by geek1956

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