This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group highlights 10 beautiful and creative iPhone photographs of reflections, be they taken over water or through glass.

Reflections are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. Through glass they offer surreal and mystical effects whilst on water they provide added interest and depth. From Thierry Hudsyn’s clever use of reflections in his ‘2×2=2’ masterpiece to Joanna Dunford’s shadowy black and white ‘Pier Pressure’ seascape.

Featured photographers include Thierry Hudsyn, Gianluca Ricoveri, Michael Manza, Cindy Buske, Darren Glazer, Luisón, Bartosz Kotowski, Marco Lamberto, Jim Perdue and Joanna Dunford.

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Photo by Thierry Hudsyn
2×2=2‘ by Thierry Hudsyn – “I shot this picture while on holidays in Egypt, with my iPhone 6+ & Hipstamatic (Lens: John S, Film: AO DLX). The mirror-like floor of the hotel, with its lines and patterns, seemed to be a good playground for reflected (and inverted) photography. So I just waited a bit for these two guys to pass by and “voila”. ”

Haystack Rock

Photo by Cindy BuskeHaystack Rock‘ by Cindy Buske – “This photograph was taken at Cannon Beach – a beautiful area of coastline in Northern Oregon. I shot the image in Oggl and chose Foxy lens and Blanko 1 film. Foxy comes with a dreamy feel all its own, and Blanko 1 offers subtle texture – no additional processing was used or needed from my perspective for this particular shot. The lighting that day offered gorgeous hues and reflections between the clouds and the sand. In the distance is Haystack Rock, a well-known and frequently photographed seastack. I was visiting the town of Cannon Beach with four friends on a post-holiday winter weekend getaway.”


Photo by Darren Glazer
Untitled‘ by Darren Glazer – “My partner and I were returning overland to Sydney from Melbourne and had decided to overnight at Hume Dam. It was a lovely evening and we took a walk along the dam’s edge and found, once we got there, that we were able to access the dam wall.

At this point, the sun was beginning to set and I had my iPhone 4S with me and wanted to capture something of the wall and the drama of the sun setting behind the clouds. The camera’s angle of view was too limited to do what I had initially hoped but then I noticed puddles along the walk and started playing around with the reflection of the sky and the structure, using the strong lines to emphasize the perspective of the scene and hopefully to create the drama I was hoping for.

I also post to Instagram, so I used the Square setting on the iPhone to frame the shot; as well as its built-in HDR option to cope with the glare off the clouds. I then imported the image to Snapseed and applied its HDR option; also adjusting the brightness and saturation. I then imported it to Photoshop Express, where I played with the image clarity, exposure, tint and warmth. Finally, I Instagrammed it and used Instagram’s photo editing tools to again tweak contrast, brightness and saturation before finally posting it to Instagram and Flickr.”

My daily Reflection, today urban scene around Sevilla reflected on a puddle… Good night!

Photo by Luisón

My daily Reflection, today urban scene around Sevilla reflected on a puddle… Good night!‘ by Luisón – “The image is shot with the iPhone 6 native camera. Processed on Snapseed always in order to adjust light and contrast. Then I felt I wanted a different color for the sky, so I opened the edited image on VSCOcam, preset P5. I loved how the sky and its reflection on the puddle looked like, but not the tones of the rest of the image, so I blended the Snapseed image with the VSCOcam image on Filterstorm, in order to have the colors of the VSCO sky but also the rest of Snapseed colors.

This picture has been shopt in Sevilla during Christmas time. On the background you can see the cathedral. I saw the tram coming and kneeld down in order to have a symmetrical reflection. I liked to highlight the perspective using the tram as it went away, and the cathedral at the end of the line. Those two figures add the necessary human touch to the picture.”

The Herring Era Museum

Photo by Marco Lamberto
The Herring Era Museum‘ by Marco Lamberto – “This picture was taken last summer, I went on a trip in Iceland and I’ve explored many incredible landscapes. I got this image just at the entrance of The Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður. It’s a unique collection of items dated to the time where the herring market was thriving in Iceland.

This image edit was a two steps process: I’ve started editing with Photoshop Express (square crop, clarity, shadow recover) then I got the final touches with VSCO Cam (LV01 preset, vignetting).”

Pier Pressure

Photo by Joanna Dunford
Pier Pressure‘ by Joanna Dunford – “I live fairly close to the beach and also close to two piers which I love. So I already have this obsession of sorts with the beach and these structures and I have spent a good amount of time photographing them. Then, In October last year I went on a family holiday to California and had to chance to see Santa Monica Pier and photograph it for the first time. I was in my element. The pier itself is much bigger than any piers I have seen at home and on a much grander scale. There was no real inspiration here other than my love for the seaside and to capture and remember how it felt for me to see it.

I shot this in the iPhone 5S native camera and processed in noir photo for the black and white effect.”

Father & son

Photo by Bartosz Kotowski

Father & son‘ by Bartosz Kotowski – “The photo was made in Barcelona in 2013 during a trip I have done with my father. We spoted big mirrors above us and immeditaely both of us took our cameras and made a photo of our reflections in the mirrors. This trip had a significant meaning – very first one in my life – only my father and myself.
To process the photo I used Pixlr Express app (I made it B&W then applied an effect called “Tony” then I added a frame called ‘Swallen'”


Photo by Gianluca Ricoveri

Flickr-3‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri


Photo by Jim Perdue

Untitled‘ by Jim Perdue

100% Organic

Photo by Michael Manza

100% Organic‘ by Michael Manza

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