This week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group highlights 10 photographs that each make good use of strong bold lines or curves to draw the viewers eye into the image. From Kent Yuen spiral staircase to the contrast between the white and red lines of John Fullard’s hospital corridor.

Featured photographers include Darren Glazer, Kent Yuen, Marco Lamberto, Adam Oczko?, Jason Farrar, John Fullard, Matt Austen and Marzia Bellini.

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Rainy Days and Mondays

Darren Glazer

Rainy Days and Mondays‘ by Darren Glazer – “My partner and I were on our way into the city (Sydney CBD) to participate in the Australia Day Celebrations. I knew we would be crossing the ANZAC bridge and had my phone at the ready: I love the lines of the bridge and used them to frame the southern pylon, with a very visible Australian National Flag atop it… I have only recently arrived in Sydney, making this my first Australia Day and I also liked the way that the lines emphasized the idea of the bridge as a doorway/entry point to the city. The light drizzle did the rest, adding a grainy, misty quality to the image.

All the editing was carried out using Instagram: I desaturated the image and then adjusted brightness, highlights, contrast, warmth, shadows etc, finishing off with a vignette.”


kent yuen

844‘ by Kent Yuen – “I was at the right place at the right time since the sun was coming into the staircase at a perfect angle. For post processing I was using flickr’s build in editor “Aviary” to bring up the contrast a bit and also spice up the photo with effect filter (forgot which one).”

My invisible friend

Marco Lamberto

My invisible friend‘ by Marco Lamberto – “I went out for an afternoon walk, it was so sunny and the light so strong that I struggled getting an idea of what I was framing. I love hi-contrast black and white and I seek for the proper light which allows steady shots and less worries about shooter speed on my iPhone 5s.

I prefer using the native camera app which is faster to start. I’ve square-cropped and prepared the image with Adobe Photoshop Expres. The black and white conversion was made in VSCO cam using the B4 preset enhancing the contrast. ”


Wall‘ by Adam Oczko? – “This photo was taken in Szczecin (Poland). It shows part of the sidewall Philharmonic Hall of Szczecin. I shot with the native camera app iPhone 6 and used Snapseed and VSCOcam (b3 preset).”

Moodna Viaduct

Jason Farrar

Moodna Viaduct‘ by Jason Farrar – “From Wikipedia: “The Moodna Viaduct is an iron railroad trestle spanning Moodna Creek and its valley at the north end of Schunemunk Mountain in Cornwall, New York, near the village of Salisbury Mills.”

I have been there several times in the past. It is a pretty amazing piece of architecture. I went up there a few months ago to get specific images to replace ones I shot in the past – I wanted to get higher resolution shots. I brought along my Nikon DSLR and my iPhone. Using my Nikon, I got the shots I needed and then started walking around trying to get new images. Everything I was shooting kind of sucked and I was getting frustrated. So…

In the midst of my preparation for hari–kari, I pulled out my iPhone and opened up Hipstamatic. I used BlacKeys SuperGrain film plus the Jane lens. This is one of my favorite images from the series. I hope you like it.”


john fullard

Untitled‘ by John Fullard – “For my day job I work at at a hospital that consists of multiple buildings connected by under-ground passageways. The walls are color coded so you don’t get lost. This photo was one of the first I’d taken with a new iPhone6 and was processed with Hipstamatic’s Oggl app.”


matt austin

Untitled‘ by Matt Austen – “I took the image while doing a tour of the Tower of London. There wasn’t much available light inside of the building I was walking through, so I decided to make the most of the view and light out the window.”

Heart-shaped staircase

Photo by Marzia Bellini

Heart-shaped staircase‘ by Marzia Bellini – “As I always do, I first processed in PS Express and then with VSCO Cam. PS Express has the best reduce noise tool that I know of and I like its clarity function and the highlights / shadows controls.

Heart shaped staircase was taken in the vatican museums. I noticed the shape and the I waited for someone to pass by. It was less exposed, I wanted more contrast between the black parts of the stairs and the rest of the image so I pumped up the exposure in PS express.”

Day 34: long way home

Photo by Marzia Bellini

Day 34: long way home‘ by Marzia Bellini – “Long way home is a shot made for the 365 project I’m actually pursuing, and I wanted to obtain the feeling that the train was actually moving.”

Which was your favourite?

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