The theme for this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase looks at some stunning examples of iPhone photography which make excellent use of negative space within their compositions. The use of negative space is a simple yet powerful technique which helps to focus the viewers eye directly onto the subject and consequently has the ability to create an image that is truly special. This weeks showcase features photographic gems from iphone photographers Matthew Wylie, Scott Simpson, Kai Rennert, Geri Centonze, unaisa momoitio, Brendan O Se, Ymanuello, Shel Serkin and Alex.
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Photo by Matthew Wylie

Spray‘ by Matthew Wylie – “This shot was taken on a small rock island in the Georgian Bay (Canada). In order to get to this island, which is about the size of a tennis court, one has to canoe for about an hour from shore. Once there, nothing else can be seen but other small rock islands and almost no human sightings. I’ve visited this spot for two summers in a row with my family and it’s a magical, liberating spot. At night, for example, due to the globe effect of the water and the lack of city lights, the Milky Way is observable in the night sky. This photo is of my son playing with the water and enjoying his freedom and his summer. Shot with Hipstamatic Classic (Lowy Lens / Black Keys Extra Fine film).”


Photo by Scott Simpson

270/365‘ by Scott Simpson – “This was a quick snap shot which i have used for my 365 project. It was taken whilst walking along the bridge to the beach in Quinta de Lago in Portugal. Shot with an iphone5 and hipstamatic and no processing.”

Die Möwe

Photo by  Kai Rennert

Die Möwe‘ by Kai Rennert – “I took the picture at the beach of Warnemünde (Rostock, Germany) with my smartphone. I love to lie in the sand by the sea, watching the people and shipping. This Gull came up quite close. Closer and closer. I am then also getting closer, then I repeatedly triggered. Later, the bird I noticed in the air. The photo I had to show the world. Unfortunately, the quality of my phone is not so good. I then used Snapseed or Pixlr Express for editing. Then the images always look a bit more interesting.”


Photo by  Geri Centonze

Untitled‘ by Geri Centonze – “Three weeks ago my husband and I decided to start our day with a morning hike. We are fortunate that our home is not too far from many nice trails so we set out each day at a quick pace to soak in the morning sun and get some fresh air. On our walks we usually see the same people and have given them nicknames. There’s “umbrella man”, an elderly man who always carries his umbrella. There’s the “running lady”, and her young daughter. She jogs several yards and then she pauses while her daughter catches up to her. One guy is always seated at a park as if he’s waiting for marching orders. We call him “Mike”, in reference to the character on Breaking Bad who did all the dirty work for Gus.

And then there’s the subject of this photo. Each time we walk, this gentleman is doing his “meditation” exercises. He stands at the top of the hill, where he has full view of the surrounding mountains for his daily ritual. I’m not sure if it’s a practice he has made up or something from a discipline like Tai Chi. This man appears to be deeply connected to the world around him as he goes through his complex routine. I quickly snapped a few images on a recent walk. The only editing done was a bit of tweaking using Tune Image in Snapseed and then conversion to black and white using Snapseed. This image reminds me of the importance of taking time out of each day to connect with ourselves and the world around us.”

294#2014/365………:). IPHONE

Photo by  unaisa momoitio

294#2014/365………:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio – “This photograph is taken from a height in donosti – San Sebastián. The photograph describes the interplay between a father and son on a beach outside the movement in the heights of walking people ( like me).

Apps used for brightness and contrast: Snapseed, and to turn it to black and white VSCO cam. Taken with my iPhone 5s .”

“La fotografia esta tomada desde una altura en donosti-San Sebastián, la fotografia describe el juego entre un padre y su hijo en una playa ajenos al movimiento en las alturas del caminar de la gente (como yo) .

Las aplicaciones utilizadas para el brillo y contraste: snapseed, y para pasarla a blanco y negro vsco cam. Con mi IPHONE 5s.”


Photo by Brendan O Se

iPhunography‘ by Brendan O Se – “The shot was taken in Korea. There is a climbing wall in the local park and my sister in-law being an athletic and adventurous type began to climb it. I have taken other shots of this wall and the colourful grips make for an interesting background. I waited for her to form an interesting shape and I snapped. I processed the image using Snapseed to crop and adjust highlights and saturation. I gave the image the title iPhunography. Photography is fun and the iPhone makes it so much fun. ”


Photo by Ymanuello

Untitled‘ by Ymanuello


Photo by Shel Serkin

Stanley‘ by Shel Serkin – “I stumbled across “Stanley” in a dark corner at the Whitney Museum of American Art, between floors of the huge Jeff Koons retrospective. The stark lighting and tired pose immediately stood out to me after being inundated by the color saturations of the Koons work that surrounded him. Shot on an iPhone 5s with oggl.”

That Escalated Quickly.

Photo by scott woodward

That Escalated Quickly.‘ by Scott Woodward – “When I am not shooting for a client, I don’t often hunt for personal photographs; I prefer, instead, to let them find me. This image is no exception. I was walking to a meeting in the city earlier this week and, as I reached my destination, I received a telephone call. I had my earphones on and took the call that way, holding my iPhone in my hand as I stood overlooking an escalator and spoke to the caller. There was nobody traveling up or down on the escalator, which I struck me as interesting (especially as I was in the heart of the CBD, it was nearly lunch hour and Singapore is a city of more than 5.5 million people). It was then that an older gentleman appeared at the bottom, alone. I liked the scene and quickly made a few photographs on my iPhone as he traveled up, passed through my frame, and then disappeared. A few seconds later the escalator was filled once again with a crowd of people coming and going, up and down, moving through their day…”

Chitose, Hokkaido, 2014

Photo by Alex

Chitose, Hokkaido, 2014‘ by Alex – “This photo was taken in early spring, while standing on a pier overlooking Lake Shikotsu (Hokkaid?, Japan) on a misty day. I took the photo because I wanted to capture the sense of eeriness and serenity of the mist enveloping the lake and obscuring the horizon. This was taken using ProCamera, and edited with VSCOcam.”

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