The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at a selection of images that are taken from unusual angle’s. All to often we wander through life looking at the world that is directly in front of us. If we are to push our photography to an other level we need to open our eyes and look at the world differently. Look up, look down, get down low and shoot up and everything in between. It is amazing how much you can dramatically improve the interest level of your photos by simply changing the angle from that take your shot. Try it.

This week’s featured photographers include Marco Lamberto, Vivi Veevs Hanson, John Fullard, Tomaso Belloni, Lee Atwell, Mateusz Sawicki, Julia Nathanson, Simson Petrol, Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak and Luisón.

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Photo by Marco Lamberto

Unfolding‘ By Marco Lamberto – “This staircase in the Vatican Museums is a must for every photographer. I spent probably one hour taking pictures and making a few hyperlapses with Marzia (@milkydrop). The place is really huge, iPhone 5s focal length cannot capture the whole scenery (a classic shot btw) and I didn’t want to use any wide lens accessory. So I’ve switched to the square mode in the default camera app and started playing with lines. The final shot was quickly preprocessed with Adobe PS Express (mainly clarity, denoise and few color adjustments), the final edit was based on HB1 preset in VSCO Cam.”

At the top of the stairs


At the top of the stairs‘ by Vivi Veevs Hanson – “The Rotunda Nelson staircase in Somerset is one of my favourite staircases to photograph. I had an hour spare before going to meet friends so I went to Somerset House. I always use my Olloclip Fisheye lens to capture this magnificent staircase! I had been on my own taking photos when I heard a group of people coming up the stairs and then discovered it was someone I knew! As they went to the top I went back down to take photos from the bottom up. My friend was leaning over so I took his photo. Photo taken with my iPhone 5S, Olloclip Fisheye lens and I took it with VividHDR. Then I processed it with one of my saved presets in Stackables.”


Photo by John Fullard

Untitled‘ by John Fullard – “I take a lot of photos of people using the NYC subway but rarely take any of the subway system itself. This is York St station in Dumbo in Brooklyn. I’ve photographed this station before and particularly like the way the light moves across the ceiling. The photo was taken using the wides angled lens of an olloclip (a recent gift from my brother) and was processed in Lightroom.”

Meeting there

Photo by Tomaso Belloni

Meeting there‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “This is one of the hundred photos I took in this newly built area in Milan, which I had never visited before. In particular, standing inside this circular space surrounded by very tall glass buildings was for me a photographer’s dream. There are so many angles which can be pictured under so many light conditions. In that case I had chosen to visit when the sun was low. For this particular photo I noticed that the two buildings could be made to match rather well, and the shadow in the bottom one created a nice effect, including the diagonal streak of lit balconies on the left. The blue sky provided the perfect background. The title came almost automatically, with two buildings that were leaning towards each other longing for a kiss.

I shot with the iPhone 5 default camera and processed with snapseed for basic enhancement, Stackables for the painted texture and Oggl for final adjustements (Akira lens and Sussex film).”


Photo by Lee Atwell

Steps‘ by Lee Atwell

Big Shadow

Photo by Mat Nowy

Big Shadow‘ by Mateusz Sawicki – “I was enjoying a morning coffee on my balcony and staring on people walking around the street, when I saw this beautiful big shadow made by low morning light. To process this image I’ve used iPhone built-in Noir filter in Photos app and finished with VSCOCam giving it cooler tones and vignette.”


Photo by Julia Nathanson

Underfoot‘ by Julia Nathanson – “This was taken during intermission at a ballet in Toronto. I looked up to see a throng of people on the stairs above me. I managed to catch this solitary woman, shooting with Oggl (lens: Hannah, film: BlackKeys XF) – no further processing.”


Photo by Simson Petrol

Untitled‘ by Simson Petrol – “I usually walk my dog in the morning, passing a canal in the city, where these yellow rescue ladders are mounted, so people would not drown in case someone falls into it.

The neon color caught my eye this particular morning and I had to take a picture. I processed it with VSCOcam for the basics and then with looksee to make the yellow pop.”


Photo by Waldemar

Well‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak – “Photo depicts a yard-well in the centre of Warsaw. It shows architectural contrast in the capital of Poland.
To catch this unique perspective, I’ve had to lay on the ground. About the processing: I’ve just used VSCOcam with c7 preset to add the character.”

Wandering around Piazza San Pietro, Rome, in my world of dreams, the world upside down… Good night!


Wandering around Piazza San Pietro, Rome, in my world of dreams, the world upside down… Good night!‘ by Luisón – “This picture was shot during a recent trip to Rome I did with my family. We were visiting Piazza San Pietro. As I love reflections, I looked for puddles. I found a small one on the pavement, where cars were passing by. I waited for the traffic lamp to go red, then stood in the middle of the road and shot several pics in a hurry. The funny thing is that a policeman approached me and asked me to move away, as I was disturbing the traffic.

I love to see the world and what goes on in it through upside down reflected images. Everything turns out to be magical, the pavement becomes the sky. I love the point of view, etc. It is what I love to call: “The world upside down, my world of dreams…”

It was shot on an iphone 6 native camera. I used Camera+ to set “Automatic” scene and do the flip of the image. Then I used Snapseed for certain adjustments and Filterstorm to blend the edited sky into a different edited background.”

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