Today I am pleased to announce another Instagram takeover where I will be handing over the keys to the Mobiography Instagram account to a talented mobile photographer. The takeover will put them in the spotlight for the weekend as they post snapshots of their surroundings and showcase their best work to the Mobiography community.

For this takeover I’d like to introduce the Hong Kong based fine-art urban photographer, Michael Kistler. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael in Dublin earlier this year. He is a pretty cool and down to earth guy who is extremely passionate about his photography which has been exhibited in major cities around the world as well as in many online website and offline magazines.

Before we kick off the takeover I asked Michael a few questions to give us a brief insight into his work and plans for the weekend.

To get involved head over to the Mobiography Instagram account, follow us and check out what Michael is posting this weekend, don’t forget to like his photos and leave a comment.

Photo by Michael Kistler

To begin with tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Hong Kong-based fine art photographer. Originally from Minneapolis, I spent more than a decade in Tokyo and then relocated with my wife and daughter to Hong Kong in 2014.

In addition to having exhibited in Tokyo, NYC, Astoria, Minneapolis, London and Hong Kong, I offer urban photography workshops and am co-­founder of Finding Yourself in the Streets, a series of international street photography workshops that have been held in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai. My work has been featured by Volcom, Cathay Pacific, Vogue Italy, Localiiz HK, Mobiography and China Daily. I am currently working with the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong to provide customised photo experiences for their guests.

How would you describe your style and approach to the photos you take and what inspires you to take photos with your iPhone?

I am a street photographer first and foremost. Elements that interest me include movement and motion. I really like the aesthetic quality of blur as well. In Hong Kong there is a lot of interesting geometry and architecture that I try to incorporate into my work. The human element is typically present in my photography as well but in a more abstract or understated way. As I’ve mentioned before, I like the freedom, ease and convenience of shooting on my iPhone. I’ve always got it and thus have far more opportunities to shoot. Practice and repetition are key ingredients in getting better at anything, and shooting on my mobile has absolutely made me a better all-around photographer.

Do you have any plans for the sort of work you will be posting during the weekend takeover?

I am still deciding but plan to have a mix of some of my best and most popular mobile work as well as some new images. Expect to see photos from Hong Kong, Tokyo and probably a few other places!

Photo by Michael Kistler

Who are your favourite photographers on Instagram that you think people should be following?

There are a lot of people on IG whose work inspires me. To name a few of them:  Brendan O Se (iphunography), Mimo Khair (mimokhair), Namrita Bachchan (namritabachchan), Haya Nir (katochaya), Serap Gunay (sermoon), Nga Hoang (ngahoang0812), Ladybird.notes, Nicki Fitz-Gerald (nickifitzgerald_iphoneart), Rycaryca, Mark Fearnley (markfearnley_artist) and Andrew Gardener (kiwibrit).

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