With Christmas just around the corner, the theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography just had to be Christmas and winter scenes.

This week’s selection includes a varied range of images from Christmas tree decorations and festive fun fairs to snowflakes, frost and snowy winter landscapes.

Featured photographers this week include; Cipriano Giuliani, fotopawelolsztyn, Jill Lian, Kate Z Roberts, kats_eye_phone, Marta Spencer, Squids_Eye, Squic, galerie_ef and bnwmono.

Merry Christmas.

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Christmas butterfly


Christmas butterfly‘ by cipriano__giuliani – “I put up our Christmas tree at the beginning of December. This year the decorations are red and I have added some beautiful butterflies (for which I have an obsession).

The inspiration I think is a fundamental part of the creative process, most of the time when I go out to take a picture I already have in my mind what I want to photograph. First I studied the composition, just a few photos to figure out how to make the most of my butterfly. I wanted to have a little depth of field, and make sure that you also saw the Christmas lights and other decorations.

The problem with this picture is that it was taken by day and I wanted to give him a nocturnal atmosphere. I was using the app ‘Reflex Camera’ which I use to shoot most of my photographs as you can adjust the exposure. I then switched to the app ‘Snapseed’, an obligatory passage for all my photos where I cropped the photo in the format 5:4 and made some adjustments of brightness, saturation, contrast and added the linear blur effect. Finally I processed the picture with the app ‘LensLight’ where I added the bokeh/glitter effect to the blur light and some shining at the gold of the butterfly. I added my watermark and I posted. I hope you like it, and greetings to all readers of mobiography.”

Karuzela czeka..


Karuzela czeka…‘ by fotopawelolsztyn – “The photo was taken at the Christmas Fair in Olsztyn. Picture taken the smartphone Sony Xperia XZ in manual mode (ISO 40, shutter speed 1,000s).”

Snowflakes on a spiderweb


Snowflakes on a spiderweb‘ by jilllian2 – “This photo was taken in my backyard. I am drawn to snowflakes as a subject for my photography. I love the delicate nature and beauty within them.

I used my iPhone7plus with an olloclip macro lens attachment for the photo. I used Snapseed to crop the photo and Mextures to give it a cool mood.”

The Great Stupa, Red Feather Lakes


The Great Stupa, Red Feather Lakes‘ by Kate Z Roberts – “Some friends had invited me to go to the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes for a day trip. When we arrived at the center it was snowing and the sky was quite grey. The Stupa plays an important part in my life and represents the three jewels of Buddhism as well as holding the ashes of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. After meditating, we walked outside and it was actually sunny with a blue sky but I wanted my photo to express my arrival in the snow and the stillness of mind I experienced there. I used Blackie to convert the color original to B/W first then took it into Formulas and layered two filters there. I then blended in iColorama with the original color photo and the already apped image just to get the gold on the top of the Stupa and a slight bit of color at the bottom entrances.”

O Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree‘ by kats_eye_phone – “This is a shot of my this year’s Christmas tree, showing some of my favorite ornaments including the 3-heart ornament with my 3 daughters names on it.”

A frosty window with a hole in it in the shape of the state of Minnesota.


A frosty window with a hole in it in the shape of the state of Minnesota‘ by marta_spencer – “One of my favorite places to take pictures is a 100 acre salvage yard located an hour from my home. I can spend hours there looking at all of the old cars.

Every car has a story to tell. I think about that as I look at them. I see hidden beauty in every rusty car.

The last time I was there, the cars were all covered in a heavy frost from the night before. I saw this frosty rear window and knew it had potential. The cracks lead to a hole in the shape of the state of Minnesota, where I live. The sun was trying to melt the frost, so I had to get the shot before it disappeared.

Capturing such a great image reminded me that we as photographers can make something from nothing. There is beauty everywhere, just waiting to be found.

This photo was taken with my iPhone 6, and was slightly edited with an Instagram filter.”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas‘ by Squids_Eye – “The reindeer is part of the annual Christmas lights in Shrewsbury, it’s a beautiful piece standing over the entrance to a shopping centre unfortunately. To cut out the distractions I felt the only way to capture it was standing underneath it looking up.  I then edited in Mextures and finished in Hipstamatic by using Benedict lens and Irom 2000.”

Everywhere you go here in Vienna you’ll see Christmas trees


Everywhere you go here in Vienna you’ll see Christmas trees‘ by Squics

One more winter pic from Tambach-Dietharz


One more winter pic from Tambach-Dietharz‘ by galerie_ef

r o c k e t s k a t e s


r o c k e t s k a t e s‘ by bnwmono

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