It’s that time of the week again when we feature some of the most recent submissions to the Mobiography Flickr Group and this week we have had a lot of excellent photos to choose from. Featured iphoneographers include Mutablend, Suzanne Beard, Jeffery Simpson and Sharon LuVisi.

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3/17/13 by Sharon LuVisi

3/17/13 by Sharon LuVisi – “This is the underside of the Ventura pier in California, south of Santa Barbara. I was initially drawn to this spot because I was mesmerized by the crackling sound of the waves as they receded back and over the many round black beach stones. I’ve never heard a sound like that before at any CA beach and I’ve lived in So. CA all of my life. The sound was very reminiscent of bubble wrap being popped. I wanted to make sure the stones were included in the forefront of my photo for that reason.

Very little editing was done on this photo; it was a simple straighten and crop on Snapseed. My Hipsta Melodie/Blacks SuperGrain combo did all the magic, creating the high contrast that I wanted for this overcast end-of-winter afternoon.”

Happiness Is Always By Your Side

Happiness Is Always By Your Side by Mutablend

Happiness Is Always By Your Side by Mutablend – “Happiness Is Always By Your Side was inspired by ‘The Blue Bird’ by Maurice Maeterlinck. The concept is ‘Happiness’, ‘Love’, ‘Dream’, etc… the essence of things are hard to see in the same way as blured photos…

I started with SuperImpose for layering, then I used BigLens for the blurred effect, and I used SnapSeed and MagicHour for coloring. I finally added a self-made texture to the photo… a little bit.”

1:21 am “Quitting time” #Berlin as part of the #24HR13 Project

1:21 am - Quitting time - #Berlin as part of the #24HR13 Project by Thomas Kakareko

1:21 am “Quitting time” #Berlin as part of the #24HR13 Project by Thomas Kakareko – “This picture is part of the series I submitted for the 24 Hour Project 2013. Goal of the project was to stay awake for 24 hours and take pictures of the city you live in and its people. Not only did we have to take pictures, we were also asked to share one of them every hour to Instagram, Twitter or any other social network. This was taken pretty much at the beginning of the project at 1:21 am and I noticed this guy closing his shop and getting ready to go home. I was lucky enough to get some eye contact which is what I love most about this shot. So awesome when this happens. ”


Brewer by Jeffery Simpson

Brewer by Jeffery Simpson – “The intrigue of Seth’s big bushy beard wouldn’t let me just walk by him; the textures were just too phenomenal too not capture. This is where the world of mobile photography comes alive for me. I simply asked him if he would be my subject for a photograph, he excitedly agreed, we connected and shared a moment beyond the everyday busy-ness and with a quick snap of my trusty Iphone 5, we were off again on our separate ways. And art was made.

I shot this with Pureshot and post processed in my go to Snapseed.”



(untitled) by Suzanne Beard – “I’m a science educator and well, armchair natural historian of sorts. While teaching is now what “I do,” I’ve studied marine biology and worked at a natural history museum here in San Francisco. I’ve enjoyed capturing the unexpected artistic qualities of my work in the images I take. (You can see others, including nests and eggs, in the set I am building called Imperium Naturae. Many are shot with iPhone 4S, others with a Nikon D90.)

This was all iPhone and using a Hipstamatic combo which I’m going to guess is Claunch72 and maybe with Watts.. sorry – the details escape me.”