As I introduce the final ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase for November I can’t believe we are almost into December. In this week’s showcase we feature mobile photography from rob_depaolo, Louise Fryer, Fábio Morbec, cedric blanchon and Izumi Horaguchi. Once more, thank you to everyone in the Mobiography Flickr Group who contributed this week.

Vertigo Restrained…

Photo by rob_depaolo

Vertigo Restrained…‘ by rob_depaolo – “The photo was taken a couple weeks ago while on a photowalk in Boston with a few friends from the AMPt community. This particular photo was taken at the Apple Store on Boylston street. There was no way that any of us were going to get out of there without trying to capture an image of the glass and metal staircase. I opted for an angled shot from the bottom floor looking up toward the top and lucked out with being able to combine the architectural lines with the shadows of customers as they moved from floor to floor.

I captured the photo with an iPhone 5s and processed it through a combination of Snapseed, Filterstorn Neue, and Big Lens”


Photo by Louise Fryer

Untitled‘ by Louise Fryer – “This photo was taken in Hipstamatic, then opened in ArtStudio to blend the background. I used Facetune to elongate the nose then the texture was applied in Distressed FX and Snapseed. The idea was for it to be very subtle, for the face to emerge from the background but as often happens  when editing, it developed into something more vintage. ”

The Building

Photo by Fábio Morbec

The Building‘ by Fábio Morbec – “I captured the building that was being reflected in another building using ProCamera. This reflection caught my attention while I was walking in downtown Sacramento (CA) after the Veterans Day parade. I edited the photo using vscocam (filter B4) plus some adjusts in contrast and exposure.”

Macadam Chroniques

Photo by cedric blanchon

Macadam Chroniques‘ by cedric blanchon – “I shot this with my iphone4s I use noir and cameramatic apps, It was a foggy morning, I love the atmosphere of streets with fog, people are like ghosts in the streets.”

Him and his shadow

Photo by Tracey Renehan

Him and his shadow‘ by Tracey Renehan – “This image was shot with Hipstamatic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The southern side of Williamsburg is home to a large Hasidic Jew community. The contrast of leaving Manhattan and stepping back in time to another culture was both stark and exciting.  When I spotted his shadow my adrenaline sky-rocketed.  The light was harsh, but his shadow was amazing if not a little dark and simultaneously amusing. I added contrast, ambiance and structure in Snapseed.”

Day 176/365

Photo by Izumi Horaguchi

Day 176/365‘ by Izumi Horaguchi

Which was your favourite?

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