Here is another selection of quality submissions made to the Mobiography Flickr Group over the course of this last week. Featured photographs come from Allophile, Anna Cox, Janine Graf, Laithmatic and Lee Thatcher.

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Ominous chicken talk

ominous chicken talk

‘Ominous chicken talk’ by Allophile – “I drive by this streetcorner in Tucson very often. Finally, on a recent Sunday morning, the parking lot deserted, I pulled over to take a few photos. The juxtaposition of these oversized animal sculptures next to an otherwise nondescript strip-mall makes me smile every time I pass them–Is it whimsical? Gratuitous? Intentionally surreal? Mere kitsch, or knowingly dadaist? I went back and forth between the snapseed and scratchcam apps to edit this scene, which I took on my iPhone5. I liked the rectangular ‘fold’ overlay on this scene because it frames the chicken in a way to make it seem that it’s talking to the giraffe. But WHY does the chicken pay more for gold? And WHY is the giraffe even there? And why would I want to come here to sell my gold? Endless questions…”

Build a Boy

build a boy by Anna Cox

‘Build a Boy’ by Anna C Cox – “Photography for me, many times, leads to a catharsis. I found this defunct bridge after shooting a small country church. As I stood beneath the beams of this iron monster I thought through the careful planning that building a bridge involves. My thinking then jumped to how raising a child is just as complicated and needs to stand the test of time just as a bridge does. Photographing the bridge allowed me to think through my carefully laid plans for my children and gave me something tangible to key off of when I was writing the Build A Boy essay.”

Patience is the art of hoping

patience is the art of hoping

‘Patience is the art of hoping’ by Janine Graf – “This image represents my desperate need to remain patient and hopeful during a recent (and still on-going) time in my life where it seems that too many important aspects are not completely in my control: a falling out with an old dear friend, current plans to move across the country (which seems to have one monkey wrench after another tossed into the path), and stress about wanting a job to come through. That was just to name a few; oh there’s plenty more. So I took control over what I could (for example, the relationship with my dear old friend seems to be back on track), and am hoping for the best on the rest. Only time will tell so thankfully in the meantime I have my patience, which is the art of hoping.”


Legs by Lee Thatcher

‘Legs’ by Lee Thatcher – “I was walking through an Airport in Menorca, Spain. These little legs were sticking out from under an advertising board. Its funny the things you see if your looking. It was shot with Hipstamatic on an iPhone 4. I forget the combo.”

Solitary Man

Solitary Man by Laithmatic

‘Solitary Man’ by Laithmatic – “Solitary Man, is of the janitor sitting outside the door. I pulled up to work to deliver a lecture and he was there sitting down next to the door. I took a moment to capture him and i think because of the heat he was to tired and he didn’t seem to mind.”