We are now into December and the final month of this years ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase begins. This weeks showcase feature mobile photography from Joel Adams, William Reyes, unaisa momoitio, Erika Brothers, Stephen Davis and Joseph Cyr. Once more, thank you to everyone in the Mobiography Flickr Group who contributed this week.


Photo by Joel Adam

TX-12‘ by Joel Adams – “Recently I took part in WeAreJuxt’s “In A Day: Skydrive Edition”. Basically I took a photo walk around a local train yard here in Louisiana and snapped off a few. It was a great chance for me to step outside my normal art photography routine and just shoot what is in front of me.

This shot was taken with Hipstamatic’s John S Lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain film. I then processed it through VSCOcam for cropping borders, reducing exposure, and slightly sharpening. I then used VSCO’s B4 preset.”

I see through you

Photo by Erika Brothers

I see through you‘ by Erika Brothers – “Inspiration of this photo started actually a the city ground imagine, as I explored the different options of how humanity sees the city, it came directly to thought that each person sees the city through their own eyes, hence my conceptualization was brought about the harsh reality of the concrete jungle.

First image was take with ProCamera, fusion of my face with the city I used Superimpose, and final touches of lighting and contrast I used Snapseed.”

Dans la chambre de Montaigne…

Photo by Joseph Cyr

Dans la chambre de Montaigne…‘ by Joseph Cyr – ‘Technical things first: I took this with my iPhone5 and processed it with snapseed–converting it to black and white and then fine-tuning it using the “drama,” “details” and “center focus” tools. The scene in this Renaissance château was already perfectly lit, evoking, appropriately enough, so many of the Renaissance paintings of domestic interiors.

This summer, my wife and I were traveling in France and had the chance to visit the Château de Montaigne–the residence of the famed Renaissance man Michel de Montaigne, who, in some ways, can be considered Europe’s first ‘modern’ writer, inventor of the essay and a ‘blogger’ before his time. During the year I lived in France as a grad-student, I’d never had the chance to make my way down to this southwest corner of France; it was a delight to wander around the vineyard-covered landscape.

Montaigne (1533-1592) spent the last years of his life in the circular tower of his family’s château, converting its different levels into his chapel, library, study, and bedroom. He wrote all of his “Essais” here, in semi-retirement after years of public service and traveling. While my visit was not exactly a ‘literary pilgrimmage,’ being in this tower, in the rooms where so many thoughts were carefully crafted so long ago–it was sobering.

Thinking about the ability of photography to capture a moment and render it timeless, this passage from Montaigne comes to mind:
“The utility of living consists not in the length of days, but in the use of time; a man may have lived long, and yet lived but a little. Make use of time while it is present with you. It depends upon your will, and not upon the number of days, to have a sufficient length of life.”‘


Photo by William Reyes

Untitled‘ by William Reyes

Huntington Beach Pier

Photo by Stephen Davis

Huntington Beach Pier‘ by Stephen Davis

391#2013/365………..:). IPHONE

Photo by unaisa momoitio

391#2013/365………..:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio

Which was your favourite?

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