It has been a busy week with the Mobiography website and the release of the ipad and iphone magazine. It has also been a lot of activity in the Mobiography Flickr group. This weeks cream of the crop features stunning photography from Mark T Simmons, Veevs, Geri Centonze, Armineh Hovanesian, Anthony Tulliani, Prodromos, Shel Serkin and Vieweronline.

Chance Street

Chance Street by Mark T Simmons

Chance Street‘ by Mark T Simmons – “With my set of images based around the area of Shoreditch, in East London, I have wanted to capture as much as possible the different types of people that live there as well as the great street art that the area is famous for.
I have always loved great backgrounds within street photography, as I feel it gives a more cinematic impact to the image, rather than just a straight forward candid moment. I do not know who the artist is who composed this piece that covers a whole building on Chance Street, but the lines, curves and especially the colours were just crying out to be used as a backdrop.

This is a straight Hipstamatic only shot using my favourite colour combination of Sugar film and Jane lens. I did not feel any further editing was needed.”

At the Gallery 1

At the Gallery 1 by Vivi

At the Gallery 1‘ by Vivi (Veevs) – “Very hot day on Thursday in London so went into the Saatchi Gallery in the Kings Road to look at the exhibitions and cool down. Beautiful white walls with bright and colourful paintings, amazing light. So perfect for me to take photos using the app SlowShutter Cam. I loved the contrast of the walls, the paintings, the light in the rooms and the people.

I then edited it with Snapseed, PhotoCopier, AltPhoto, DistressedFX to give it texture and a bit more colour.”

Wahoo’s Girl

Wahoo's Girl by Geri Centonze

Wahoo’s Girl‘ by Geri Centonze – “My husband and I went to our local Wahoo’s restaurant and I “shot from the hip” with my iPhone to capture an image of the cashier. It was just an ordinary shot on my camera roll but I liked her expression and the background menu board, so decided to edit it into something more interesting. This happens a lot where I try to find something that at first glance would be discarded and see what I can create with it.

Apps used for Edit – Snapseed FaceTune, Artoon, Sketch Club, Hipstmatic, DistressedFX, Leonardo, Pic Grunger. The workflow as best as I can recall was first basic cropping and adjustments in Snapseed. I used Artoon to make it look cartoony. The Leonardo app was used to adjust the color, add a light leak, improve clarity and increase sharpness. I then added a bit of texture using Distressed FX and Pic Grunger. Sketch Club was used to blend the Artoon image with the textured version.”

Never Ending Support

Never Ending Support by Armineh29

Never Ending Support‘ by Armineh29 – “One of the best aspects in my life is the undenying love and support of my partner! Every so often, I like to commemorate this love and union by devoting a photograph to him. This is one of those moments.

I had just gotten the update for Camera+ and decided to play around with the new added editing options. I started taking various shots of my partner and I holding hands. When I got the final shot I liked, I started to explore the various options in Camera+. For this effect, I chose the Silent Movie.”

Travelling Alone

Travelling Alone by Anthony Tulliani

Travelling Alone‘ by Anthony Tulliani


Gatwick by Prodromos

Gatwick‘ by Prodromos

12.35 AM “Lisa Marie”

12.35 AM Lisa Marie by Shel Serkin

12.35 AM “Lisa Marie”‘ by Shel Serkin


Untitled by Vieweronline

Untitled‘ by Vieweronline

Do you have a favourite?

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