For this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase we take a look at a selection of smartphone photography which make fantastic use of blur to stunning effect. From the shaky movement in Brendan Ó Sé’s ‘Seen in Shibuya’ to the dark, black and white contrast of Nyanjiroo iCloud_9’s ‘Light play’ series. Featured photographers include Brendan Ó Sé, Geri Centonze, Vivi (Veevs) Hanson, Ichut, Nyanjiroo iCloud_9, Urban Muser, Beezzz_, Michelle Robinson and Jack Mallon.

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Seen in Shibuya

Photo by Brendan O Se

Seen in Shibuya‘ by Brendan Ó Sé – “This is the Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo. I took the shot late at night with the iPhone. In a time, where everybody is obsessed with image stablisation it is becoming harder and harder to create good quality blurred photographs with the iPhone. Keeping my thumb on the shutter and the phone pointed downwards, I turned it upwards quickly and released the shutter as the pair of women approached me on the crossing. The result is the blurred out image. I processed this in Snapseed to crop in a square format. I did a little work on the highlights to bring the colours out. ”

Late for the Dance.

Photo by  Geri Centonze

Late for the Dance.‘ by Geri Centonze – “We decided a trip to Long Beach would be an adventure and decided while we were down there to tour the Queen Mary because there was a Princess Diana exhibit being held aboard ship. When we boarded, we felt as if we had been thrown back to the 1940’s. Hundreds of people were dressed in period clothing for a dance being held aboard ship. I was in “hog heaven” with the people, the atmosphere and the 40’s garb. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and started snapping. The woman in this photo was hurrying to get in line for the dance. I shot it with Old Camera app and edited it using Snapseed, Focal Lab and Sketch Club. I made a few tweaks in the Tuning using Snapseed. In Focal Lab I applied a motion blur and then combined that with the original image in Sketch Club to get part of the image in focus and the rest blurred to emphasize the feeling of movement.”

Is it Charlie?

Photo by Vivi Veevs Hanson

Is it Charlie?‘ by Vivi (Veevs) Hanson – “I was in Sloane Square waiting to cross the road when I spotted this guy ahead of me – from the back he looked so much like Charlie Chaplin so I had to take his photo! I took photo with ProCamera 7. I wanted to focus just on him so used BlurFX to blur everything out apart from him. I then edited the photo with Mextures and applied one of my favourite Black and White presets. Really liked the leading lines by the pedestrian crossing so made sure they featured in the photo too.”

Point Rouge

Photo by  Ichut

Point Rouge‘ by Ichut – “Wandering in the port and the eye is attracted by the fleet of fishing boats. The only red boat in the green-blue space, the functions of Hipstamatic and a few Tilt-shift stress the attention. This was taken on “La guérinière – île de Noirmoutier – France”

Lightplay #82

Photo by  Nyanjiroo iCloud_9

Lightplay #82‘ by Nyanjiroo iCloud_9

Lightplay #80

Photo by  Nyanjiroo iCloud_9

Lightplay #80‘ by Nyanjiroo iCloud_9

Alison//I know this world is killing you. ~Elvis Costello

Photo by  Urban Muser

Alison//I know this world is killing you. ~Elvis Costello‘ by Urban Muser


Photo by  Beezzz_

Untitled‘ by Beezzz_

14.08.14 (Creative 365 Project)

Photo by  Michelle Robinson

14.08.14 (Creative 365 Project)‘ by Michelle Robinson

Fighting the rain

Photo by  Jack Mallon

Fighting the rain‘ by Jack Mallon

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