The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography looks at a beautilful selection of autumnal photos. The images in this week’s showcase illustrate how photographers can incorporate the yellows, oranges and brown colours of autumn, as well as the weather conditions and elements of nature to convey the beauty of this time of year.

Featured photographers this week include; Edward Santos, Peter marques Figueiredo, fotopawelolsztyn, idieuwke, katieteix, Lydia Cassatt, mophotoartist, Sarah Fairbanks, Allyson and Andy Butler.

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Walk Across the Marsh


Walk Across The Marsh‘ by Andy Butler – “This photo was taken whilst on a walk at dusk near to where I live. The area is known as the Marsh due to it’s flat and boggy terrain. I was particularly interested in the way the large puddles and tracks reflected the evening colours in the sky. The photo was taken with the iPhone 7 Plus using the native Camera app, then edited in Snapseed using the vintage and grainy film filters.”

Playing with Apps


Playing with Apps‘ by Edward Santos – “This Photo was inspired by my love for southern New Englands beautiful fall/autumn season. I like to say that my favorite color is autumn. The photo was shot in the atate of Connecticut on my iPhone 7 Plus and edited using the apps; Snapseed, PsExpress, Mextures and Reflect. ”



Untitled‘ by Peter marques Figueiredo

Early morning fog


Early morning fog‘ by idieuwke – “I shot this image with my iphone 6+ using camera+. I applied general editing in Snapseed and accentuated the fog in Reflect app and Lens Distortions. Lastly I added mood and drama with Mextures, Hipstamatic and VSCO.”

Make your voice count


Make your voice count‘ by katieteix – “My husband and I were walking the neighborhood bike path and it was covered with these huge leaves. I picked one up knowing I’d find the perfect back drop to hold it up against for photo. This was the outcome. I shot this with my iPhone 6 and edited in Mextures.”

The wetland


The wetland‘ by Lydia Cassatt – “My photo was taken at a large wetland area in the town of Brooksville, Maine. It is a small, coastal town on Penobscot Bay, an hour away from Acadia National Park. I have been photographing this area for years, in all weather conditions and seasons. If you look carefully, you can see a beaver damn in the center left of the photo. The area is filled with other wildlife: bears, deer, fishers, bobcats and occasionally, moose. I have watched a beaver crossing the road, making it’s way back home to the damn.

I use an iPhone 6s Plus and the Hipstamatic app. I took this shot in Hipstamatic classic with the Sergio lens and Rasputin film. I added more crispness to the photo and removed the frame of the film in the Hipstamatic editing suite. ”

Today I will breathe…


Today I will breathe…‘ by Allyson – “I love autumn, all the colors, textures, smells, cool crisp air. I have a hard time pushing autumn out of the way for early Christmas decorations. I like to enjoy it, so I bring it inside, I cook it, I wear it, I decorate with it. I don’t wish it away as some do, I savor it. So I put this still life together as an autumn reminder, that it is still full blown autumn at least until the day after Thanksgiving. Apps used: Mextures, Enlight, and PSExpress, ”

Flutter leaves of hearts golden treasure for the child within us all


Flutter leaves of hearts golden treasure for the child within us all‘ by Sarah Fairbanks – “My photo was taken on an iPhone 6 in Paris. I was inspired by the gentle decaying colours and the heart shaped leaves. It reminded me of my childhood when I was always so enchanted by things I found in nature. I use my iPhone often for street photography because it is relatively anonymous and I can capture fleeting moments quickly with it. I also find it is surprisingly good for close up photos as well as having narrow aperture which is sometimes useful in scenic shots. Sometimes my iPhone gives a better result than camera in these situations. It was edited in google snapseed on my phone, with slight desaturation and a little vignetting.”



Listek‘ by fotopawelolsztyn – “The photo was taken the smartphone Sony Xperia XZ, in Poland – Warmia. The photo was taken in the Forest City in Olsztyn. Photo was edited in the application Snapseed.”

Random driveway


Random driveway‘ by mophotoartist

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