This weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcases a selection of animal photography taken with an iPhone. From Cattis C creative rabbit image to Wayne Greer’s beautiful Boxley Valley landscape. Whether these images were intentionally focusing on the animals in them or not, they are perfect examples of how animal photography can be so much more than the ordinary family portraits of household pets that I all to often see.

Featured photographers include Julia Nathanson, David DeNagel, Wayne Greer, Cattis C, Dustin Wright, Ale Di Gangi, Ralf ?????? and unaisa momoitio

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Dog day afternoon

Photo by  Julia Nathanson

dog day afternoon‘ by Julia Nathanson – “This was shot and edited with Oggl using Madalena lens and Blanko1 film.

I saw this dog (and its master) approaching a black fence and ran ahead so that I could capture it with the chalkboard-like background. The leash is completely camouflaged, so the dog appears to be wandering on its own, having its own adventures. It feels like the cover of a children’s book.”


Photo by  David DeNagel

domesticity‘ by David DeNagel – “The image ” domesticity” is a simple, unassuming instance of the beauty in everyday surroundings. It was shot in the evening, in a room,illuminated by only one lamp. My cat, Molly, sat perched upon a coffee table and seemed to be admiring the various objects surrounding her. I shot the photo, bracing an iPhone 6 on the arm of a chair. I used the Instant 110 app both to shoot and process the image. Some additional post processing was done in Snapseed.”

The wet dog

Photo by David DeNagel

the wet dog‘ by David DeNagel – “The image “the wet dog” is a photo of my dog, Peaches ,after she had been on an outing with me in the early morning. We visited a nearby field; some of the grass was tall and wet and Peaches, who is a small Yorkie mix, got soaked. I took this shot of her as she was trying to dry out on a nearby parking lot which contained concrete blocks and some plastic fence rails. Peaches looked very dramatic and monumental, as her wet form was silhouetted by the backlighting of the sun. To augment this effect, I shot from a crouched position. I used an iPhone5 and CameraNoir. Further limited post processing was done in Snapseed.”

Boxley Valley (7)

Photo by  Wayne Greer

Boxley Valley (7)‘ by Wayne Greer – “Boxley valley is in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. It is dotted with old barns , homesteads and cabins. It also has a large elk herd. So I was up at sunrise in hopes capturing some images of them. They were there , but too far away to get a decent shot. Then this very happy dog arrived, very excitedly running back and forth. I figured if I can’t get an elk, he’ll have to do. It turned out to be my favorite of the series. He was just full of pure joy. Apps used were Snapseed, Handy Photo and Photo Toaster.”

Strange Voice …and a strange noise

Photo by  Cattis C

Strange Voice …and a strange noise‘ by Cattis C – “Taken with iPhone4s Hipstamatic replacement shooting-app. Lowy lens / Blanko C16 film.

Edit Apps: PicsArt, BlurFX, SKRWT and Tintype by Michael Newton.

I love images that doesn’t reveal too much, but have a strong impact at first glance. Strong enough to make one stop and curiously study the photo to understand the scenery, and/or add in ones own story.

As with pictures, as with all visual impressions: This odd, kind of disturbing scenery caught my attention immediately, even though I was in hurry and not at all wearing my “photography-glasses”.

The place is an art gallery and the giant rabbit-like sort of installation, is part of their showcase and therefor placed very close to the window. From where I stood I could see straight through the corner-windows the people that passed by on the street, behind the gallery.

I waited for one single person to show up just in gap that was shown in my grid. Took a few shots until I got what I wanted.

That weekend, me and some friends, had gathered up on twitter, to explore and experiment with different kinds of blur and I had this shot that was in need of a little mystery-treatment. I tried to increase the depth and the twisted perspective by giving the “rabbit” a sort of reflecting shadow. I used a tool in app PicArts that enables you to select parts of image and create a repetition of it, a sort of echoing motion. I also added motion-blur on parts of the picture to point direction and trick the eye even more (here I also corrected curves and added a slight HDR effect).

To get rid of disturbing details I used app BlurFX. I worked with the ‘median blur’, which has a very charismatic and artistic feel to it. Highly recommended!

Then I cropped it and corrected vertical lines with app SKRWT.

The final touch was done in app Tintype (by Michael Newton), where I added some grit and grain, depth of fields and frame. This is also where the dark sepia tones was added.
Viola, I had the result I wanted!”

But I wanna play catch…

Photo by  Dustin Wright

But I wanna play catch…‘ by Dustin Wright

Life’s a beach – and then you die

Photo by  Ale Di Gangi

Life’s a beach – and then you die‘ by Ale Di Gangi


photo by ralf

Itzi‘ by Ralf ?????? – “Taken shot’s with a mobile device, Itzi is a living nightmare …she is just too fast !!!
Well, it was a shot out of the blue…

She was asleep on the chair under the table and she just woke up and was giving me that look! I just darkened the image so that her face was the main subject .”

379#2014/365………..:). IPHONE

Photo by  unaisa momoitio

379#2014/365………..:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio

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