This weeks selection of smartphone photography showcases 9 beautiful images of landscapes, tree and forest scenes and flowers. From James Green’s lone tree photograph taken overlooking the stunning view of Ullswater lake in the Lake District, England to Jordan Cady’s vibrantly colourful Tulip fields image. All photos in this weeks showcase capture the essence of nature in their own particular way.

Featured smartphone photographers from this weeks showcase include James Green, la_ma_rie, Mariko Klug, Riel Noir, Gustavo F. Acosta, Jormain Cady, Gianluca Ricoveri, Aleš87 and Monika Pro?.

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The lone tree…

Photo by james green

The lone tree…‘ by James Green – “I was on a walk in the Lake District when I saw this lone tree clinging on to the side of the hill and it looked stunning,with the brooding stormy sky and looking over the beautiful vista of Ullswater. I was using a iPhone 6 with the Hipstamatic app and edited in the Snapseed app.”


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie


Photo by mariko klug

Untitled‘ by Mariko Klug

Going home to the City

Photo by Riel noir

Going home to the City‘ by Riel Noir – “When traveling by road and rail I enjoy photographing whilst in motion. This is something I began to do years ago and now enjoy the convenience of using my iPhone rather than having to carry one of my heavy, bulky DSLR cameras with me.

Going home to the city, was made whilst traveling back to Glasgow having stayed with friends over the Easter break. The country side has a quiet beauty with some interesting old farm buildings interspersed, whilst punctuated by 2 power stations with many pylon in evidence of this. Trees offer sculptural relief throughout the journey, standing witness to the changes as they occur.

iColorama, Snapseed, Rookie and ArtStudio would have been employed in the editing of this image, creating a dark, moody landscape in anticipation of my return to the hustle and bustle of city life.”

“Reflejo desolado”

Photo by Gustavo F. Acosta

“Reflejo desolado”‘ by Gustavo F. Acosta

Tulip Fields

Photo by  Jormain Cady

Tulip Fields‘ by Jormain Cady – “I took my kids to visit the beautiful tulip fields in the Skagit Valley on a sunny day over spring break. The tulips in bloom blanket the valley in vibrant colors and are spectacular to see across all the many fields. I liked the symmetry of the individual rows. Getting the camera down low gave nice contrast between the grit of the soil and the smoothness of the individual flowers, as well as a nice glow from the sun on their petals.
This image was taken in Oggl (G2 lens, Blanko_1 film) without any further processing. ”


photo by gianluca ricoveri

Untitled‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri – “I took this photo at sunset on one of my random walks on the hills around Pisa,Tuscany. I used myIPhone 5s with ProCamera and I edited the photo in Snapseed, Leonardo and Stackbles.”

Magic morning

photo by ales87

Magic morning‘ by Aleš87 – “I was ridding to work and have seen the opportunity but I had forget the “real” camera at home so I take out my phone and shoot. I tried to expose for the shadows and then I edited in Snapseed’s glamour glow effect.”

the forest

photo by monika proc

the forest‘ by Monika Pro? – “Light. This photo was taken in Gdansk (Poland). I shot photo iPhone 6 in native camera app and edited in Adobe Photoshop Express. ”

Which was your favourite?

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