For this week’s showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group, the theme is landscape photography, a subject that’s close to my heart. I have a fond love for the great outdoors as it offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, the stresses and strains of everyday life and get out into the surrounding nature to enjoy the beauty that surrounds.

The showcase features work from talented artists and photographers, Tracy Mitchell Griggs, James Green, Scott Simpson, Anthony Tulliani, Kathy Carey, Gianluca Ricoveri, Mariko Klug, Anthony Hutchinson and Wayne Greer.

Let us know if you have a favourite and what you think makes for the perfect landscape photograph in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Photo by  Kathy Carey

Beach‘ by Kathy Carey – “This photo was taken on Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida. I have the good fortune to spend a couple months here every winter and the beach never disappoints. There was a storm going on and the light was beautiful. I used the Akira lens and Sussex film, with no post editing. ”


Photo by Gianluca Ricoveri

Ready-00‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri – “I took this photo on a spring morning after a rainy day from the crest of a hill overlooking a valley with a few houses.

I like to drive along this road in various times of year, in different hours of the day, trying to catch the infinite variations that occur at various times of day, with the progress of the seasons or with different crops.

I used 6×6, next I made the adjustment of brightness, contrast and tone with “Tune Image” of Snapseed, going to a dodge and burning on specific areas with “Selective Adjust” always in Snapseed. In Leonardo at the end, I added a texture and I made the final tuning.”


Photo by  Tracy Mitchell Griggs

Untitled‘ by Tracy Mitchell Griggs

179/365. Cotton Grass….

Photo by James Green

179/365. Cotton Grass….‘ by James Green – “Cotton Grass was taken on a very windswept moorland walk, I liked the way the fluffy white heads bobbing around in the wind mimicked the clouds above. This was taken using Hipstamatic with the jane lens and Kodak Xgrizzled film and edited in snapseed to give it a wild moody feel.”

176/365. The Old Man of Storr….

Photo by James Green

176/365. The Old Man of Storr….‘ by James Green – “The Old Man of Storr was taken on a walk, which had been postponed due to low cloud. Luckily the weather improved giving me the opportunity to take this photo of this impressive pinnacle of rock. I shot it on my iphone using Hipstamatic with the Jane lens and Kodak Xgrizzled film, I then processed it using snapseed to give a stark moody look.”

Kinder Downfall from Hayfield.

Photo by Scott Simpson

Kinder Downfall from Hayfield.‘ by Scott Simpson – “This is one image from a series that was taken during a 7.5 mile circular walk from the village Hayfield up to the top of Kinder Scout (the highest peak) in Derbyshire. Unfortunately it was very cloudy at the top and we were unable to take in the usual stunning views… on a clear day you can see Manchester and as far as North Wales and Liverpool. Taken on an Iphone5 with Hipstamatic.”

Frozen Mystic River Park

Photo by  Anthony Tulliani

Frozen Mystic River Park‘ by Anthony Tulliani – “I shot this at the park near where I live. I go there all the time and enjoy shooting there at different seasons. I was there that day to take a shot of something spring because it was the first day of spring that day but all I found was a frozen landscape. I took this with my iPhone 5. Edited with Snapseed and VSCOcam”

We Are Family – 2

Photo by Mariko Klug

We Are Family – 2‘ by Mariko Klug – “Since I got my dog 5 years ago I come almost everyday to this lake. I’ve taken many pictures of swans since then but this was the first time I saw a family with a baby swan. It was a very calm morning and the swans were enjoying the peace. I tried not to get too close as I didn’t want to disturb them. The baby swan looked so well protected between its parents.
Photo was taken with Hipstamatic Sergio lens, Blanko Freedom13 film, no flash, edited with PhotoToaster, Camera+, Mextures and VSCOcam.”

The Long Walk

Photo by Anthony Hutchinson

The Long Walk‘ by Anthony Hutchinson

March fog , Wichita.

Photo by Wayne Greer

March fog , Wichita.‘ by Wayne Greer – “A lot of photos I took from December through March had a sort of bleak lonely feel. This was in large part due the death of my mother in December and of course the weather. So by the time I took this, I felt the need to snap out of it and do something different. So I let this sit in my camera roll for a couple of months before deciding to go ahead and post it. I came across this field while at work, where the suburbs began to fade into the countryside. Fog is infrequent here in Kansas, so I was intent on finding some subject. This open field met my need and matched my mood. I used superimpose to thicken the fog ,which was beginning to burn off. I also used Afterfocus to create depth of field. Finally Mextures to create the tone I was looking for. This is why I love landscapes. You can be feeling anything from grief to joy and then suddenly see something and think ‘my God , that is beautiful’.”

Which was your favourite?

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